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    Default ATM and Pre-Check In

    So two questions...does CN have an ATM? They did our very first trip but took it out...not sure if they ever replaced it. We will be in Negril for 12 days....just never sure how much extra cash we will need. Also is anyone having trouble doing the pre check in? I am trying a bit early (2weeks) but it won't let me in
    Holly Irvin

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    I can't speak to CN's ATM or lack of it, as I've never been there, but I pre-checked in last night and it seemed to work ok. I did notice it functioned a little strangely, as it took a few seconds after I logged in before it updated the screen. Good luck!

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    When my husband and I go to Jamaica we take $500 in cash. $200 in 10s. $150 in 5s. $150 in 1s. This may seem like a lot of money to some but, I love walking the beach and talking/ buying things from the locals. On year I bought a pair of Jamaican sandals. Basically they are an ankle bracelet with beads and a loop for around your middle toe, one piece, no bottoms!! Hahahah. I love them and wear them practically everyday while in Jamaica.
    One Love,

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