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    Default Top 5 Activities while at CSS - Recommendations?

    We'll be at CSS for a week in May 2014. Looking for recommendations on activities we should be sure to do while there. What are your top 5 activities you'd recommend for newbies visiting CSS? We want to get the most from our week there.

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    Here's mine in no real order because my wife and I enjoy all of them and more!
    1-Enjoy the beach
    2-Sit in the mineral grotto
    3-Try to walk every path at the resort
    4-see the sunset from sunset beach
    5-Swim in the ocean in front of the mineral pool

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    1.Dunns River Falls.... we usually go 3 times while we are there! It's the only off site excursion we do when we are on the Ocho Rios side
    2.Massages in the spa, try as many as you can, experiment... I discovered the hot stone massage was my favorite, and got my first facial as well
    3.Take bread from breakfast and go feed the turtles and fish in the pond behind block A and B... a blind duck along with its friend will come up and beg, along with the cranes who will fly in and land on the water... it was so enjoyable for us we could do it all day if the bread wouldn't run out!
    4.Have dinner delivered to your room at least one evening and relax on your balcony, enjoy the meal and the company of your loved one over a delicious supper.
    5.Be sure and go downstairs at the resort gift shop up near the front of the resort... downstairs is where all the cute dresses and bags are!

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    Here's ours:
    1. Do the resort orientation on the day of arrival (or the day after) - this helps to get the lay of the land and begin to feel more comfortable.
    2. Have breakfast in your room (every day if you want) and especially on the balcony - relax and enjoy being on "Jamaica Time".
    3. Get at least one massage (more is better) - the huts overlooking the ocean are spectacular!
    4. Visit Dunn's River Falls (bring some good water shoes and a waterproof camera).
    5. Go snorkeling (be sure to bring a roll or 2 from breakfast to feed the fish).
    Now here's the challenge...when you get back create a list of your top 5 activities. The neat thing is that everyone's list is a little different as they enjoy what's important/special to them. Oh by the's hard to just stop at 5 since there's so many things to do! Have a blast!!!

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    1) Layout Nekkid
    2) Layout Nekkid
    3) Layout Nekkid
    4) Layout Nekkid
    5) Feed the Turtles

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    Above suggestions are all good. We also enjoyed the glass bottom boat ride.
    Kelly & Troy
    CTI 2010
    CSS 2013
    CN 2015

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    I agree with lotsa stuff,
    1- sunset beach
    2- sunset beach
    3- sunset beach
    4- sunset beach
    5- feed turtles and birds

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    Great Lists Everyone!!
    1. Try Something New. Food, drink, Au natural, massage, whatever IT is, you're likely to enjoy it :-)
    2. Explore the property. From the Grotto to the Pond and the winding paths from the Spa up to the Lobby parking lot, there is so much to take in.
    3. Enjoy Each Other. That's why you're there, so be sure to enjoy the moments away from distraction.
    4. Have Fun! Watersports, Dunn's River, Table Tennis, Pool Volleyball, no matter what appeals to you, there is sure to be something that will make you laugh and smile.
    5. Apply Sunscreen. Generously and Often. Particularly to parts that don't often see the sun. Nothing bums out a vacation like sunburn.

    and a +1 to everything on everyone else's lists!
    CSS 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
    CN 2012
    CTI 2013

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    1) Sunset Beach - FIRST DAY! If you like it you'll be back!
    2-5) See everyone else's list!

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    We really enjoyed the wine tasting!

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    So many things, it is hard to narrow to 5 but here goes...
    1) try out SSB your first morning
    2) eat dinner out under the stars at Cassanova Restaurant
    3) drink a Bob Marley at the Beach bar one night
    4) get a massage at the hut out over the water
    5) have lunch at Lobster Dave's by the fisherman's beach in Ocho

    6) do trading places to CTI for the day and check the Island
    7) climb Dunn's river falls (if you have never done it)
    8) have lunch at Scotchies in Ocho
    9) give Jhaneal a big hug
    10) Play the Jamaican trivia game at the swim-up bar

    OK, I could go on and on and on
    the most important activity is to luck your partner in the eyes and tell him/her how much you love him/her


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    Hard to list just 5. So since we have been to all, I will try to think of 5 specific to CSS (likely repeats of what others said)
    1. Explore the whole resort (maybe in a couple of trips) and take a camera.
    2. Spend time in a different part of the resort each day (i.e various hammocks, patios, grotto, upper pool, etc.)
    3. Take kayaks around past the gazebo, mineral pool and spa. Different to see it all from the water.
    4. Have a massage in one of the huts by the water.
    5. Have coffee on your verandah (especially for G block) and take in the expansive view.

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