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    Looking to book our next trip to Swept Away and we are in need of some information. Looking to find out the difference between a couple of the room categories and if it's worth the cost. First trip we stayed in the garden verandah first floor, was nice not a bad location but could hear traffic at night. This trip we stayed in the ocean verandah second floor, was pretty much the same as garden, was close to the Palms. We couldn't find a difference in the rooms except not hearing traffic. Was thinking of beach front suite or beach front verandah. What is the difference other then the tv? Noticed that beach front verandah were 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors are beach front rooms only first floor? Is it worth the price is you don't really spend much time in room? Thanks in advance for help. Want to book surprise trip for hubby for Xmas.

    Ya Mon
    CSA 2012, 2013

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    We've only stayed in the BFVS......this Jan. will be the 4th time. We prefer the 1st floor. We enjoy being able to step off the verandah, cross the sidewalk and be on the beach. We don't mind the people walking by. It's nice when people smile and greet each other. We don't hear foot traffic at night, the A/C drowns that out. However, if you want your door open to hear the ocean, then you will probably hear the people walking by at night. We like that the BFVS are at the far end of the resort. We mostly frequent Patios and the Grill for breakfast and lunch. Maybe one day we'll walk to the Palms for breakfast or lunch. And if when we stroll the beach we'll stop to get the fish tacos. We also don't mind a little walk in the evening if going to the Martini Bar and Lemongrass.

    We are early risers, so we always have a small Continental Breakfast delivered to the verandah and will sip coffee and munch some fruit and a roll while enjoying the ocean. Then we will dress and have a 'real breakfast' at Patios.

    We set our chairs up on the beach in line with our verandah. They now give you a key to the verandah door which makes it so convenient to return to the room throughout the day for bathroom breaks.

    I think the big difference in the Ocean View and the BFVS is the distance to the beach. It seems the OV's set back a little more from the beach.

    Many people prefer different rooms, and it's all about what makes you happy..........we just prefer the BFVS's. Enjoy whatever you choose ! Everything's Irie in Jamaica.

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    Just came back from CSA and stayed in an Atrium. Loved it. IMHO the price difference between garden and atrium isn't huge... there seems to be a bigger jump to beachfront or premier. We were in building 25 about 30 paces from sunset bar. Not quite in the middle of the resort (a little closer to the palms/lemongrass).

    Yes you may end up with an Atrium that is right next to the Palms (some like the proximity, others dislike the noise), or in the second row of Atriums away from beach, but that's just the nature of the beast, rooms themselves have the best verandahs in the place (except for premier of course).

    Here is our view from room 2224.

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    The verandas on the bfs are usually larger than the bfvs and the bathrooms have showers rather than tub /shower combos but that may have changed too in the bfvs with the remodel. I'm losing track of what's being remodeled actually.
    Imo, if you can do without the tv, go for the bfs, it's the best room at csa along with the premier bfs. We've stayed in the bfvs first and second floor and loved it but have longed to try a bfs. We book the gvs now to save $$$.
    Alot of people love the atriums if you can do without the tv. Kind of rustic but away from the road.
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    Just back from CSA and stayed in building 12 near Patois. We could hear some road traffic but with AC turned on we eventually were able to drown it out. The tree toads first night we were there bothered me more then the road noise. But eventually were able to drown them out as well.. The BFVS were in front of us and those were directly at the beach. Took only a few minutes walking distance to beach front....If we were to go again, might want to try the BFVS....I loved watching the folks just walk up to the door from the beach within seconds....and also the view would be amazing at night....when sun sets.

    But then again, some folks prefer the cheapest rooms and add a day to their stay...

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    View from our room Ocean Verandah....building 12..

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    We always get the BFVS, 1st floor and will be occupying it again at the end of Jan. We don't hear traffic noise. We don't mind the people walking by in the morning, afternoon or evening. We enjoy smiling and greeting everyone and being greeted by them. We always order the continental tray which is delivered directly to our verandah where we sit for a couple hours (we are early risers), then get dressed and go for a full breakfast. We also set our chairs up in line with our room out on the beach. They have keys for the verandah doors which makes it so convenient to go back to the room for a bathroom break for retrieve a forgotten item. Well worth the upgrade IMO. Personally, I love the tree frogs. To me, that is "Jamaica". During the rest of the year, when I hear a sound like that, it always reminds me of Jamaica. Also, the A/C drowns out the sounds of any late night partiers returning to their rooms. If you want to leave your door open at night to hear the ocean, suggest the 2nd or 3rd floor.

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    View at sunset from our balcony....the other picture was a side view from balcony....

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    We always stay in the atrium suites. Love the tropical feel. We request a second floor as we like the high ceilings and having no one above us. The huge balcony with hammock is awesome! We've stayed close to the lobby, close to the beach, close to the street...everywhere. Love listening to the tree frogs at a lullaby. (Sigh)... Over 100 days to go, still!! Soon come...

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    Atrium suite

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    When do you request the 2nd floor

    When choking in or before


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