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    Default Couples Negril Honeymoon - January 13 to 20, 2014

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first time posting on the message board (though I've been obsessively reading it since booking my vacation in August). I am leaving for my honeymoon to Couples Negril in 31 days and I'm SO EXCITED! A little bit of background about myself and my almost-hubby - we're each 25, active but also like to relax, are looking for quiet, romantic time alone together but are also social (and enjoy a few red stripes!) and are looking forward to meeting new people.

    I have a few questions I'm sure might have been answered before, but I'm more just looking for personal views and recommendations. Anything you could tell me would be great!

    What are some can't-miss dishes/drinks to order?

    Margaritaville - a waste of time/money or fun for a couple that likes to enjoy a few drinks and dance?

    With only 7 days to spend there is it worth doing trading places to CSA?

    If you've done the private dinner, did you do it on the beach or in the tree house? We're having a hard time deciding on which to choose.

    Besides those, any insider tips from returning guests would be appreciated. And if you'll be there at all during the same week as us, feel free to introduce yourself

    Thanks! 31 DAYS!!!!

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    Congrats! We are csa loyalists but did a trading places to cn and it is well worth checking out csa, nice perk. We walked to Margaritaville once for a drink, won't go back but I will recommend Ricks cafe. It's touristy also but really a must see at least once for a beer and sunset.
    As far as the trading places, bring cab fare just in case you want to leave before 4 pm,. Have an awesome trip! Welcome to the Couples family

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    Congratulations on your up coming wedding.
    The one thing we would suggest that you do not miss is the Catamaran trip, but make sure you have a few one dollar bills to give to the young boys who dive from the top of the cliffs at Ricks Cafe.
    There is usually a great sunset on the way back.
    It will be our second trip to CN next year and friends have said we must try the fresh lobster at the "Office of Nature" which is down the beach from the resort.
    We are sure you will have a great time.

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    We did the private dinner in the tree house because we heard issues with bugs on the beach, and we thought it would be a bit more private than having people walk the beach while we were eating.

    We did trading places to CSA on our second trip to CN, but we actually ended up taking a cab back to CN early because we just felt more comfortable at CN. You could always do that as well if you want to check it out, but don't feel like staying the whole day. It only cost us a few bucks for the cab.

    For drinks - try the special drink of the day. Also most of the bartenders have a specialty drink, so make sure to try one or two of everything!

    All the seafood is delicious - we are from the midwest and don't get the fresh seafood like you can get in Jamaica, so that was a treat for us. The buffets are great for trying a bunch of different food, and figuring out what you like. I'm missing the Sour Sop Juice they have at breakfast right now........

    As Softail19 said - we did Ricks. the view was amazing, but it is touristy. I'm glad we did it, but its probably only something you'd do once.
    Congrats on the wedding and just go have fun and see what happens at Couples. You will love it!
    CN 6/12
    CN 7/13
    Next Trip ???

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    Welcome to the boards and a future welcome to Couples Negril. We will be making our 6th trip there in 67 days and just returned from there 37 days ago.

    I would suggest you do the trading places for 2 reasons:
    1) you get to see how pretty Couples Swept Away is, we left from there to go to Couples Negril 44 days ago
    ) you can walk down to Margaritaville while you are there, may take 10 minutes. That way you are killing 2 birds with one stone.

    As far as food, and this sounds strange, try the soups, they have some really great ones. Smile often and talk to the employees, they will appreciate it. Remember you are on island time, which is very slow at times, so just chill. Take a few bucks to the beach and tip the entertainers if you really like their music, and some of them are quite good and very entertaining.

    Can't help you on the private dinner, we would rather spend the money on Spa treatment, but it sounds like everyone who has done it enjoyed it.

    Most of all, it is your special time, so enjoy each other. Kick back relax and love. Congratulations, and I am sure you will have to join Coupleholics anonymous like the rest of us after the second trip. Is good Mon!

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    Make sure to experience all of the places to eat. It's easy to get in a routine of always having buffet. I can't really help with your other questions, but I will say that the Sunset Catamaran Cruise is a must!! We went to Rick's Cafe. We took a 3 hour 'excursion' there. It was fun for the first hour... people watching, seeing the divers, the other resort boats coming in and out. But I wouldn't recommend staying as long as we did. Go closer to sunset and you will still have a good experience.

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