Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting on the message board (though I've been obsessively reading it since booking my vacation in August). I am leaving for my honeymoon to Couples Negril in 31 days and I'm SO EXCITED! A little bit of background about myself and my almost-hubby - we're each 25, active but also like to relax, are looking for quiet, romantic time alone together but are also social (and enjoy a few red stripes!) and are looking forward to meeting new people.

I have a few questions I'm sure might have been answered before, but I'm more just looking for personal views and recommendations. Anything you could tell me would be great!

What are some can't-miss dishes/drinks to order?

Margaritaville - a waste of time/money or fun for a couple that likes to enjoy a few drinks and dance?

With only 7 days to spend there is it worth doing trading places to CSA?

If you've done the private dinner, did you do it on the beach or in the tree house? We're having a hard time deciding on which to choose.

Besides those, any insider tips from returning guests would be appreciated. And if you'll be there at all during the same week as us, feel free to introduce yourself

Thanks! 31 DAYS!!!!