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    Default coffee machines at CSS

    My hubby loves the nescafe coffee machines. We read that CTI doesn't have them. Does CSS? He gets up at 5 AM and likes to have a cup of coffee and then work out. We have been to CSA and CN and they have them.

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    Yes, they have the same coffee machines @ CSS for your hubby to enjoy!

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    We had a coffee maker in the room. My husband too is a big coffee drinker in the mornings. He would make himself some as soon as he got up, and wait for me to get ready to go to breakfast, and then to SSB.

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    They had one at Bella Vista -- the restaurant on the beach. I used it many a morning. Honestly, I am hoping to find one hiding somewhere at CTI when we're there in 3 weeks.

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    i have philips coffee machine in my kitchen and i need daily coffee it makes easy work for me and it make very good quality coffee. i love froth coffee and through coffee machine it makes good.................

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    Where are the coffee machines at CSA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzberry View Post
    Where are the coffee machines at CSA?
    I know they have small coffee pot makers in every room at CSA but wondering if they now have nespresso coffee machine that make lattes?

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    Room service will deliver a pot of coffee to your room every morning if you request it...

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