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    Has anyone been watching 'The Voice"? Jamaican singer Tessanne Chin has made it to the Top 10. Such a sweet personality and what a talented singer!

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    No way! My wife watches The Voice but I do not, so I hadn't noticed. She and her sister Tami were on the "Jamaica" episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel a couple years back. That's crazy! OnDemand... here I come!
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    I am watching, love it!

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    Sure have and she is so good... love listening to her sing.

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    Her sister Tami sang at CSS's Anniversary back in January.
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    Yes, we've been watching it and love her!

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    Vote for Tessanne!

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    This is the first year I have watched The Voice. I was a fan of Tessanne's from day one!!

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    There is a TV station in Jamaica that has secured the rights to broadcast The Voice exclusively in Jamaica, because of Tessanne.

    We've been following the show since it first started, and were happy to see that it was being broadcast in Jamaica.

    We're rooting for her specifically, not only because she's an incredibly talented singer, but obviously also because she's Jamaican!

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    Didn't know she was on...I am aware of her wonderful talent...Thanks!

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    Loving it! Team Tessanne all the way! Her voice is incredible, and for me it doesn't hurt she's Jamaican!!

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    Tessanne made it to the top 8! Keep voting!

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    SO awesome Usain Bolt came on the Voice in support of Tessanne.... Thrilled she's in the top 8! "Royals" was phenomenal with Caroline!

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    So tonight is the final episode. I've been voting like crazy and have downloaded ALL her songs. She is such a phenomenal talent. Fingers crossed for her, she is THE BEST.

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    The winner of the Voice, Congratulations! Jamaica has much to be proud of.

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    Make sure to grab her older stuff as well. 'Hideaway' is still brilliant!

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    Yes !!!! They got it right.........Tessanne ! We will be at CSA end of Jan. I'm sure everyone is very proud of her and will be talking about her. She is a great talent; one that I'm sure will be very successful and not forgotten, like some of the winners of these shows. She'll be another Kelly Clarkson.

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    Saw on Tessanne's Facebook page she got the royal treatment back to Jamaica...Digicel flew them on their private jet! So well-deserved! I've download most of her music....a true talent.

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