In 2010, my husband and I celebrated a beautiful wedding on the beach at Swept Away. We have returned every year! It is the one getaway from jobs, housework, and students that we look forward to each year! This past May, we talked my parents into coming for their 35th wedding anniversary! They are still talking about it! We like to take our trip right when my school year ends (I'm a middle school teacher, and boy do I need a vacation when May hits!) This year things will be different... We decided to start a family and a teeny, tiny, new baby will be joining us at the same time of year we would normally be whisked away by plane to Jamaica! We are so excited to start a family, and we feel incredibly blessed to have been to CSA 4 times already!

All I am asking of you continuous CSA vacationers is that you keep enjoying the beach, drink a VX and diet for my hubby, and laugh at the bartenders' cheesy jokes for us while we are away! We will be back! We have promised ourselves that! We won't be able to stay away, of course, even if it takes us 18 years to get back ! I like to think of our new journey to parenthood like the anticipation we have for vacation... we are nervous, excited, anxious, and trying to make sure we are prepared! Wish us luck! CSA we will see you when we see you, but OH YES we will be seeing you again!

P.S. is it totally corny and too out there to name our baby some form of Marley? Marlee? Marlie?