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    Default Which Jamaca resort for Stand up Paddle boards?

    Looking for which resorts have stand up paddle boarding included.
    Most places mention windsurfing etc.
    If anyone could give me some advice on this would be appreciated!

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    Csa has them, great fun !

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    CSA and CN for sure.

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    There are two identical threads going on this...CN has them and my hunch is that Bloody Bay has calmer water.

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    CSS had them there this Sept.

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    Css has them and the little cove that the main beach sits in is perfect for them

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    CN has them. Water wasn't choppy at all. Current takes you out a bit, but nothing most couldn't handle. They didn't pressure us on a return time either. Nothing was even ever mentioned.

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    Look at the on the CTI section of this website. Then go to the activities section.

    Look at the pictures on the left-hand side of the page. On the top picture, what is this couple doing? Sure looks like a Stand Up Paddle Board to me.

    I saw them used on our last trip to CTI. I think all 4 Couples Resorts offer Stand Up Paddle Boards.

    There are multiple threads on this subject.

    Enjoy your stay at Couples.

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