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    Default Travel clothes???

    Ok - this is really silly, I know. With this latest arctic blast that's hit the midwest, I do you all dress for the airport? Winter clothes and then swelter when you arrive in Jamaica (which I've done going to Mexico)? Do you change clothes at the airport? Or do you tough out the 10 degree weather in shorts and flipflops knowing where you will be by the end of the day?

    CTI - 8 days!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob&Lisa View Post
    Ok - this is really silly, I know. With this latest arctic blast that's hit the midwest, I do you all dress for the airport? Winter clothes and then swelter when you arrive in Jamaica (which I've done going to Mexico)? Do you change clothes at the airport? Or do you tough out the 10 degree weather in shorts and flipflops knowing where you will be by the end of the day?

    CTI - 8 days!!!
    Might depend on what your plans are for the airport you fly out of and how you get from house to airport and then back again at the return. However, even when we've flown out of smaller regional airports we wear either jeans (def look like a tourist when you land in the warm and sunny with jeans on) or a lightweight slacks/khakis and short sleeve shirt and comfy shoes whatever you define them to be. Ditch the winter gear coats boots hats etc. out of sight in your vehicle at the airport if that is how you get there. If you get to the airport some other way and have some other arrangement to get back home, then you might need another plan.

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    Jeans, T-shirt, Sweatshirt and Tennies. Leave the coat in the car and freeze going into the airport. I just take off the sweatshirt when we land and wait until I get to the resort to change. My wife changes into shorts, tank top and flip flops in the rest room at the Couples Lounge. We always have Jamaica clothes including swim suits in our carry on.
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    We live in Minnesota so it's a challenge. I wear my sandals on the plane, shorts and tshirt under a sweat outfit and take that off when we land. I freeze a little but have warm Jamaican thoughts. 133 more sleeps until csa, have a great trip

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    I tend to be the "tough it out in the cold" type for a few minutes but the last time we went to CSA our flight to ATL was cancelled and we wound up going north to Chicago to connect to ATL. To make it that much more fun there was no jet bridge, we got off the plane outside, walked down a ramp. Meanwhile had to wait for our gate checked carry on out in the freezing cold in short sleeves & shorts in Chicago in February. That experience has made me rethink my preferred method. Zip off pants work well for this situation.

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    We tough it out in the US. I usually wear lightweight pants (not jeans b/c they're too hot for Jamaica) and a light shirt with a summer sweater. As soon as I land, I take off the sweater. That said, I can wear the sweater at Couples in one of the air-conditioned restaurants.

    The walk to/from the airport and car in the US isn't THAT long . . . I don't want to drag heavy clothes to Jamaica.

    As for footwear, I wear "sneakers"/athletic shoes on the plane and pack the flip flops.

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    I wear long khaki pants, with a nice short sleeve shirt (button up with a collar), the nicer shoes I will wear to dinner, and a light rain jacket. Sometimes I freeze my butt off from my car to the terminal (and the reverse when I get home) but it is only a few minutes and far better than dragging anything to Jamaica that I won't wear in Jamaica. BTW- That pair of long pants is sometimes the only pair of long pants I take. I wear them to the nicer restaurant at dinner and wear them home. Usually I can keep them very clean, but I have had them laundered while at Couples too.
    All the best!

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    You will have time to change in the restroom at the Couples lounge before getting on the shuttle bus. Otherwise you will melt for the 90 minute ride!

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    Hubby is wearing his dress pants and nice shirt on the plane- one less thing in suitcase. I am wearing long yoga pants with a sundress type dress over them...and a black jean type jacket. I will slip off my pants before we arrive in Jamaica and switch my shoes to flip flops. We're from Michigan so it's suppose to be real cold next week when we fly...

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    We are from MN and we usually tough it out on the way to/from the airport...shorts/t-shirt/sandals. We are only out in the cold for a few minutes anyway....hotel to shuttle and shuttle to airport. Or, if we drive directly to the airport or park-n-ride, then we usually wear coats in the car and then leave them in the car once we arrive. Being out in the cold for those those few minutes is a great final reminder of why we are going to Jamaica in the first place.

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    I used to wear a bathing suit, t-shirt, and flip-flops, but the bathing suit has very small pockets, and the walk from the plane in Mobay to the Couples Lounge is too far for flip-flops, especially at the fast pace of the crowd. So, now I wear cargo shorts and sneakers, but still wear the t-shirt; the same Couples Swept Away t-shirt I've been wearing for 14 years.

    That having been said, I did travel to Couples from New Jersey for several years before moving to South Florida. And when I traveled in the Winter, I always took the warm weather clothes to Jamaica so that if the weather took a bad turn on my way back, I would be prepared. You can always change in the restroom of whatever airport you are departing from in the US. You want to walk off the plane in Jamaica ready for vacation. Orientated, as they say.
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    We usually wear sweatshirts and jeans, then change at either our connection (Miami this year) or the Couples lounge. This year hubby pointed out that if we were checking a bag anyway for liquids, why not just take a larger bag and have coat storage. If the weather reports for when we get back are as bad as this week we'll be doing that - it was only 2 degrees here earlier this week.

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    We always do a park and fly- so we dress in t=shirts and shorts because the hotel shuttle is all warmed up when we get in! 8 more days until CSA!!!

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    ditto rhallva and suzi's posts #'s 8 & 9 to the letter.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We use the "Park and Fly" at a hotel near the airport, and upon return end up waiting outside (Washington DC) around midnight for the shuttle for up to 30 minutes. I dress using the layered approach. Long johns, jeans, heavy socks, my causal shoes. Short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoody. I have shorts/ swimsuit in my carry on and can change into them after arrival. Much of these layers come off, or go on during our lay-over in Atlanta.

    Scott and June

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    We usually do a park and fly. Meaning that we spend the night before we leave in a motel. We are allowed to leave our car at the motel while we are away so we do not need to pay any parking fees at the airport. The motel has a shuttle bus to take us to the airport. We leave our warm clothes in the car.

    I won't take my heavy winter coat to Jamaica. It would just take up too much room in my luggage. Most of the time in Jamaica we will either be in our swimsuits during the day or shorts and light shirt during the evening.

    I will usually wear a short sleeve shirt, bluejeans, sneakers, and a light zipper sweatshirt. My wife will wear a jogging suit with her warm weather cloths underneath. I will pack some shorts and sandals in an easily accessible zipper compartment in my luggage. I will usually shove my sweatshirt in one of these zipper compartments just before I check my bag.

    We also leave from a cold climate. The last couple of times we left for Jamaica during a heavy snow storm, nervous if we would even get off of the ground. Yes, it's a little cold getting on and off of the bus and going into the airport. But once you are inside the airport terminal and away from the doors, it's OK.

    Couples has a private lounge at the airport. As soon as I reach the Couples lounge, I get my shorts and sandals I strategically placed in my suitcase, go to the men's room in the Couples lounge, and change my clothes. I put my warm clothes back in the same compartment I used for my shorts and sandals. My wife just removes her jogging suit and she is ready to go.

    On the rare occasion it gets cold in Jamaica, I have my light sweatshirt and my wife has her jogging suit. We had one night when it dropped down into the 50's F at night. But this is very unusual for Jamaica.

    We are a little farther out. CTI in 70 days. Getting a little closer every day

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    Got to thinking more about this, we have a layover in Atlanta, we will change in Atlanta to summer attire.....

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    We use Valet Shuttle service to park at our airport or have someone take us and pick us up. We usually wear warm up suits with shorts and short sleeved shirts on underneath. About 30 minutes or so before landing in Jamaica, I take off the warm up suit and put it in my carry on. My wife does the same thing. Going back, I reverse the procedure with the exception that I put on the warm up suit at our lay over. We then arrange for whoever is going to pick us up to have warmer coats, hats and gloves in the car with them for us to wear in case of emergency. Of course if we used valet, our coats and hats are already in the car, and the car is warm when we get into it. I know their vehicle will be warm, but if there is a problem, I want to have something warm to weather in the Ohio winters.

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    Baggy jeans with shorts underneath and a t-shirt. Suffer for a few minutes in the cold and then strip the jeans off on the plane!

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