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    Hi guys,

    My girlfriend and I are ready to book up for next July for 2 weeks at either CN or CSA.. I'm just wondering what the average ages are at these resorts and if we would fit in ok? We are both in our early 20's. We're going for a total relaxing holiday though so not looking for any wild party nights etc which is why we're choosing Couples.

    Thanks all!

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    While I've only been to CN, I imagine it will be the same at CSA as well. You will find a wide range of ages, from the early 20's in to the 80's. It all depends on who is there at that particular time.
    Have fun and enjoy!

    Duane & Mary (mid 50's)

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    You will fine couples in their 20's to couples in their 80's. We are some were in the middle and have enjoyed talking to couples younger and couples older then us, not once did age come up. I also find that while my age on my passport may say 40 something while at Couples I feel 20 something. Couples is about a romantic, relaxing holiday with the person you love, if this is what your looking for you are looking in the right place.

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    That's great, thanks for the replies. Can't wait to get it booked and have something to look forward to!

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    All ages for sure. We were 30 when we went to CSA for our honeymoon in Sept 2012 and we met many couples our age, younger, and older. Lots of people are there because they are newlyweds, celebrating anniversaries, and anything romantic basically to give people an excuse to be in paradise together!! It's great. At first we sort of just wanted to soak it all in and be alone together...and towards the end of the week we ended up meeting a few great couples from the Northeast like us (when we heard the Boston accent we had to comment!). We still keep in touch via facebook. We'll be headed to CN in 11 days and CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!
    P.S. Good luck deciding between CN and CSA. If I had to pick again, I probably couldn't. I'm so in love with CSA, but we spent one day at CN while we were there and also fell in love with the whole Au Natural thing.....which CSA doesn't have, so CN it is!!!! You cannot go wrong either way.

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    Thanks Laura, sounds great! And we really are struggling to decide between CN and CSA, heard such good reviews about both! But I think we're edging closer to CN. Thanks again!

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    My husband and I first went to Couples right after I turned 24, and I was not the youngest person there at all!

    We are going back for our fifth time in May, first time to CN. We loved CSA for the fitness complex and beach yoga/fitness classes, but having been to CTI, CSS, and CSA, we know that each resort has so many things to love. I promise you that whichever one you choose, it will be perfect!

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    Romance is ageless!
    CSS 2004, CN 2009, CSS 2014

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    Thanks all for the replies! I have no concern about feeling too young now

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    Our first trip, I was 23 and my husband 25. Our next trip (5th to CN), we will be 31 and 33. We have never felt like the youngest ones there and have chatted with couples of all ages. We still love CN so much that we don't care to vacation anywhere else! We were married there in 2006 which was an awesome trip with family and friends, but each trip always seems to top the last!! We always meet plenty of couples around our age and have kept in contact with several people over the years. One couple that we met in 2010 even vacations with us. I say go for CN!! You will love it and once your trip is over, you will be finding and planning a time to return again!!

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    The only time we haven't seen all ages of guests is when we went last year over Valentines Day. We were definitely the youngest there. Probably not the youngest at heart though! We had a great time!
    CSA 2009, 2011 & 2013

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