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Thread: CN or CSS?

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    Default CN or CSS?

    My wife and I have been to CN before and are about ready to sign up again. However, CSS has an appeal as well. Would those who have done both please compare them for us? Thanks all.

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    My husband and I have been to CN and CSS. My preference is CSS. My husband preferred CN. The accomadations at CSS were much nicer, while my husband like the beach better at CN. I know this is no help at all.

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    We have been to them both and they are quite different from each other.

    Here are some quick differences:

    CSS - the newest to the Couples resort, but not the newest built. It used to be a Grand Lido then Couples bought it. Also have a completely private beach. Separate beach for nude sunbathing. Resort is very spread out and built on cliffs. It's split into 3 different levels, lots of steps throughout. Lots of foliage and hidden spots. Does not offer a catamaran cruise. 3 restaurants but 24 hour room service. All rooms are suites with mini bars. Rooms are more hotel like as far as the decor.

    CN - Sits in Bloody Bay which it shares with 3 other resorts and public beach access. Separate section of main beach used for nude sunbathing. Individual buildings throughout the resort for the rooms. All on beach level. Somewhat spread out. Huge main pool with swim-up bar. Rooms decorated in bright colors. 24 hour room service only in select room categories and it must be ordered a day in advance.

    As someone who has been to all of the Couples, I would suggest giving CSS a try. That's the only way to know for sure if you are, or are not, missing anything. But if you do, the one piece of advice I can give is to not expect CN. All of the Couples resorts are fantastic, but each are unique. Don't expect one to be like another.

    I'd be happy to share our pics or maps if that would help (
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    We have been to both CN & CSS (also CSA) & definitely prefer CN. We normally go to CN because it's our favorite place we've ever been hands down but we did the SR in May 2009 to save some $$'s & ended up at CSS. That was fine with us because we wanted to try something new. CSS is a GORGEOUS resort with FABULOUS views but we missed the beach & the pool area at CN so much. They are just TOO PERFECT. We didn't realize what a huge part those 2 things played in our vacation experience.

    Another thing that was different at CSS was they didn't know how to make the same drinks that you get at CN so that was kind of disappointing. The bartenders would look at me like I was crazy when I would ask for something that I loved from CN. No daily drink specials & no drink book at the bars. No Couples Blue or Coconut Passion, etc. I wish I had taken them a copy of the recipes that's I've printed off the old message board. I just never dreamed that the drinks wouldn't be the same at all the resorts.

    Now if we could just have had our CSS room at CN .......... that would be too awesome.

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    I love both CN and CSS..If you have been to CN then I strongly recommend CSS...Strongly I say.
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    CSS...been to both twice..would book CSS again next year if not for our group headed to CN again for diving purposes...although Cn does have Lychee..YUM
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    Do these little slideshow vids help? <--CSS (1X) <--CN (2X)

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