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    Default Double D Dance

    Oh yeah we just hit our double digits till we are in Jamaica and Couples Negril for the very 1st time for our WeddingMoon!!! Oh my god I am so excited I can't stop dancing

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    Yes, we too are doing the "DDD"!! First time to CN but 3rd time to JA
    Getting excited to do the pre check-in and order up our mini bar!!
    Have a great WeddingMoon, Im sure from everything I've read you will have a fab time enjoy!!!!!
    We will be celebrating our 14th ann.

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    Mandercat7 when do you arrive....we are there from Nov 8th-15th getting married the 11th

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    We'll have been there and gone, lost our tans, and wishing we were still in paradise!!!
    Sept. 11-18.

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    I think we are in to our double digit dance for November !!!! Soon come

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    How do you pre check-in?

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    We are at 91 days. I am finally starting to get excited

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    WOOHOO! Double digit dance - 99 days till Negril!!!

    GinJohn - hope time is flying by and plans are going smoothly for your weddingmoon!

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    65 days to go

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    97 days to jamaica. The first week we will be at a different resort for a wedding, but the final 8 nights we will be HOME!! It's like two holidays in one. Excited to spend time with our friends as their daughter gets married, but also very excited to spend 8 wonderful nights with my one love. This will be our 7th stay at CN....sooooooo happy

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    96 days and counting....

    Duane & Mary

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    3 WEEKS!!!!! excited

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    OMG!!!! 9 Days to go!!!!

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    8 DAYS!!! HURRY...WE CAN'T WAIT for Saturday, Nov. 8th!!!

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