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    Default Switched From Couples Barbados to Swept Away

    We just returned from a wonderful stay at Swept Away. We were booked to go to Barbados, but when it was no longer a Couples Property we decided to switch to CSA. We had been to CSA once before, but my husband broke his leg while water skiing and we had to go home early. Because my husband had some not so great memoires of breaking his leg at CSA, we have gone to Couples Negril once and CSS 3 times. I really wanted a beach holiday so I jumped on the chance to go back to CSA, instead of Barbados.

    We arrived on a Wed afternoon at 2:19, so we bought the Mobay Arrival pkg. We walked off the plane and the custom and immigration lines were empty. We met our rep and were escorted through to get our bags, but the person that sat beside us on the plane got through the exact same time we did. We got our rum punch and because the Mobay lounge is right beside the Couples lounge I felt weird sitting there all by ourselves, so we just sat and waited about 25 minutes for our bus in the couples lounge. It was kind of a waste of money , but I heard on trip advisor that the next day Thursday same time was packed. Knowing that we had the arrival pkg. gave me peace of mind and helped me to relax, so for that it was definitely worth it.

    We got the Atrium suite 2124 and just loved it. We put the deposit down for the key, and loved being able to walk out and enter through our patio doors. Our room was so close to the beach that we just used our own washroom instead of the public ones.

    We ate at Feathers twice, and loved it. The food at the repeat dinner was fabulous Better than at CSS, but the atmosphere is better at CSS.

    The entertainment was good, bonfire and steel drum band on Wed. Talent night on Thursday. There were a couple of guests that were very talented and sang and performed with the band, so if you have any singing abilities start practicing and get up there. People really appreciate it.

    We spent a lot of time walking the beach. This is what we missed at CSS the most, and probably will return to CSA again because of the beach. We actually love everything about CSA and I am so glad that we decided to give it another try. It was such a great vacation. The only unfortunate thing that happened is that my dad passed away a few days after we arrived. There was no need to go home, but it did put a black cloud on our holiday. My husband's mother passed away during our last visit to CSS in March. People keep joking with us that we have to stop going to Jamaica, but we just love it there so much that its not an option. It would be nice to have a holiday though, with only good things, but we will continue to go to CSA, and CSS until we get it right.

    We also bought the departing Mobay service because they have free phone calls to Canada and the USA, and because of my dad, I had a lot of calls to make. Well the departure lounge was fantastic, and we definitely will do that again. We were wisked through the lines and into that amazing lounge within 15 minutes. They served any drink you wanted, sushi, sandwiches, soup, canapés, patties. Lots of food and they constantly replenished it. Our plane was also late, but the time in the lounge just flew by.


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    Great review, sorry to hear about your Dad, prayers for you and your family. I am so glad you enjoyed CSA.....we are headed there next week

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    So sorry to hear about your dad. Our condolences to you.

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    Can you contact me via e mail.

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    Sorry to hear your news about your dad, I had a close relative die many years ago whilst on vacation with friends and it was not a nice experience being a long way away from family so I am glad you managed to see out your vacation without cutting it short. How much are the Mobay packages for arrival and departure as we may look to use them ourselves this time around as we arrive and depart on a Thursday.

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    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. Sending prayers for you and your family. Also, is the bonfire and steel drum back to Wednesdays? It has been posted that they were changed to Thursdays. These changes are making a mess of my schedule sheet...and I have a week to get it looking neat.

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    Falcon and ShanDean76, Thank you for your kind words. The arrival Mobay service is 50 dollars a person and the departure is 30 dollars a person.

    The bonfire and steel drum band was on Wednesday . Most of the staff did not even know, but it was all set up on Wed. when we arrived, and it was a great way to start off our trip.

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