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    Default Vision CN for the day

    We are staying at CSA but will visit CN for the day. What are our options for lunch? Can we visit the AN area?
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    Lunch at CN:
    1) Check out the beach grill, but donít get anything.
    2) Check out the Buffet at the Cassava Terrace.
    3) Get what you want at the buffet and carry it over to the beach grill.
    4) Get the rest of your stuff from the beach grill.
    5) Get a beach side table and eat watching the beach, vendors and ocean.
    6) There is a self serve ice cream machine in the back of the beach grill to the right of the grill window.
    Yes, you sure can do the AN. Itís behind the hedge on the left side of the beach as you face the ocean. It even has its own swimming area right next to the main beach.
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    So the ocean is divided based on whether or not you have a bathing suit on?

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    There is a rope extending out into the water from the edge of both sides of the AN beach to somewhat separate the AN swimmers from the textile swimmers. You are in clear view of everyone but the rope puts a little distance between the swimmers if you stay in the middle of the roped off area. Also the beach wedding area for Couples is adjacent to the AN area and that keeps that part of the beach and swimming area less congested.

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    Make sure you hang out at the pool bar and try the "special drink" of the day. Sit on the bar stools in the water or go around the waterfall and you will be sure to meet some great new people.

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