We went to CSA in 2004 and CSS in 2011. I am sad to see that the nights from 2004 have expired. We belong to a lot of rewards programs, and I don't think rewards should expire. That was our deciding factor on if we were going to spend our 10th anniversary at CSA. It's too bad Couples has a policy like this. So we were renewed love and got shot down to young love. don't get that. Other rewards when we reached gold level, we remain gold level. We still went to couples for a total of 15 nights. And believe me, we are only talking about a $50 credit between young and renewed, but it is the principal. I also never did get a departing gift last time. My message probably won't even make it on here. I have stayed off the message board for a long time, because I was shot down the last time I had an opinion.