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    Default CSA Review Thanksgiving Week

    My wife and I spent Thanksgiving Week at Couples Swept Away. This was our first time at CSA but we have been to Couples Sans Souci twice. A few thoughts:

    Flights and Airport:
    We used Delta Sky Miles from Jacksonville, FL - not particularly convenient as we had to fly to Atlanta first (wrong direction) but arrived without incident except we came in about 30 minutes late - 1:30PM. When we arrived at Customs, the "maze" was full but we cleared in only 15 minutes. We had thought about doing Club Mobay and were glad we didn't bother as we went through so quickly. We barely had time for a Red Stripe at the Couples Lounge before we were on our way. The bus ride was without incident and took about 80 minutes.

    No issues, very quick and our room was ready - an Atrium room in building 29 overlooking the pool at the Palms. It turned out that there is a bit of noise at that location so the next morning we asked to be moved and they were able to put us in building 18 - much quieter.

    For dinner, we had 3 reservation at Feathers, 2 reservations at Lemon Grass, one night at Patois, and the Repeaters Dinner. We had no problems getting reservations. We ate all lunches at Sea Grapes and split our time between the Palms and Patois for breakfast. The food was consistently excellent.

    We were regulars at the Martini Bar and the bartenders were great. The "green flag service" on the beach for drinks was pretty regular but the beach bars were also very close to where we were hanging out.

    Beaches and Pools:
    No problems getting loungers in the shade at the beach. We saw a brief shower one afternoon but otherwise the weather was great. Our last day was a "red flag" day because of breaking waves. Needless to say. the beach was beautiful and the water was great. We didn't spend any time in the pools (except for the lap pool).

    I used the Sunfish on several days - the sailing was very enjoyable. We also took the Catamaran cruise and it was fun and the weather was perfect. We had planned on snorkeling our last day but it was cancelled because it was a "red flag day".

    Spa and Sports Facility:
    My wife went to the spa for a massage and had good things to say. We both swam laps in the lap pool nearly every day and I used the gym every day. Overall, very nice facilities.

    Needless to say, the folks who work at Swept Away were just great and we enjoyed talking with many of them. The service was consistently excellent everywhere.

    Overall I would say that we enjoyed Swept Away more than Sans Souci because of the beach, the sports facility, and the better sailing. I would rate the other aspects as being equal. Our next trip will probably be back to Swept Away.

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    So glad you had a great trip

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    I saw your review on TA. We've been to both CSS and CSA and I agree with you for pretty much the same reasons. However, my wife likes CSS better.

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