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    Is there a coffee bar there? If so, when is it open? Dot they make any Americano or lattes?

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    All Couples Resorts feature Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Some of the best coffee you will find in the world, in my opinion. It tastes especially good in the morning while on the balcony looking out into the ocean. Served in several locations on the resort. I will usually get my morning coffee at one of the breakfast buffets.

    I usually bring a couple of pounds of Blue Mountain coffee beans home with me. It is expensive but worth it. You can buy it all over the place in Jamaica. I won't make a special trip off of the resort to buy coffee. But if I leave the resort for a shopping trip, I will look for it then. A little less expensive off of the resort.

    I don't drink any of the trendy coffees. No lattes, espresso, etc. Just my opinion, but if you feel the need to put a lot of junk in your coffee to make it palatable, you don't really like coffee. You like the junk that is put in it. I only drink plain black coffee without anything in it to ruin the taste.

    Only 76 more days until we return to CTI. Getting closer every day.

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    I don't believe it's Blue mountain anymore, I may be wrong but it tastes different than our first trip in 04. It's good but not the same, High mountain maybe ?

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    You can get coffee in the computer room, the Palms has a coffee bar and Patois has a coffee bar.

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    Look for Mavis Banks. This is the best. We also order it on line.

    Life is good

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    The coffee served in the main dining rooms is High Mountain, a very good but less expensive Jamaican coffee. The dinner restaurants sometimes (quite often) offer genuine Blue Mountain Coffee, but don't expect that at breakfast or lunch.

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    The coffee in the computer room is such a nice little touch. We appreciated it virtually every day.

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    Just returned last night...

    High mountain coffee for room service breakfast and at most restaurants was terrific. Cappucino/lattes in quite a few spots too. Sea grapes, Palms, Patois, Feathers... maybe even Aura/Piano bar (wasn't looking for coffee at those spots though).

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