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    Default Still happy after all these years

    The trip may be over, but the memories will linger on and on.

    We’ve emptied out one suitcase full of laundry. Still working on the other ones. I returned one of our traveling companions to their winter home upstairs. There they will remain until it is time for our next adventure to begin again. Those two “big guys” and their smaller relatives the “carry-on boys”, have held things together for us for a long time. We really have a history. It’s sad to think that in the very near future, we may have to let one or even, glup, both of those tough double wheeled baggage handlers take their well deserved rest from future travel. Their last ride on the carousel. Age gets us all. I will check in on them over the winter months to see just how many more miles they may have left. Sniff.sniff.

    As for our most recent pilgrimage to “the isle of dreams”, what can I say. It was wonderful. Most of the time. But some of the time it was either very windy and/or raining. For the most part, the wind was there almost all the time. Which turned out to be okay because when the sun was out, you looked for that cooling breeze. The only time the wind was a problem was when it rained. It got cold really fast. Especially if you were out on the island.
    So we all had to make the best of it. After all, we were still in Jamaica. No problem mon.

    Over the past 18 years that we have been going to CTI, there have been lots of changes that have taken place. Some were minor in nature, such as fresh coats of paint. Others were spectacular events such as the latest “do over”, with additional rooms being built, completely new color scheme, new pool and so on. I think that most of us will agree that the new décor looks very nice. And the work goes on. They repainted a number of different places around the grounds while we were there recently. The work never stops.
    Of course, not everyone likes “change”. Of any kind. But nothing really stays the same. Not in nature and not in the real world.
    I remember when Bayside went from being a very much loved Italian restaurant, to Thai food. There were some very unhappy people. That’s understandable. Some even said they wouldn’t come back anymore, because that was their “favorite” place to eat. I don’t know if they ever came back. And it really doesn’t matter. Life is all about making choices. If the change in the food at a restaurant is a deal breaker for you, so be it. That’s your choice. Personally, over the past 36 trips, there hasn’t been a single thing that was important enough for us to consider not going back. I can’t even imagine what it would take for that to occur.
    Couples is all about pleasing as many of the guests as they possibly can. They make some of their changes, or perhaps most of their changes, with us in mind. It’s us that they are trying to satisfy. And all of “us” have lots of different things that we want or need. It would take a Herculean team to satisfy each and every individual, so that no one goes home unhappy in anyway. Come on. Get real.

    As far as I am concerned, Couples ranks pretty damn high on any scale, when it comes to making their guests have a fantastic time. Will there always be someone that complained that there were tiny ants in their bathroom? Of course. Will some guest sound off about how they didn’t have this or that the whole time they were there? You know it. And if the sun don’t shine, some one is going to fudge their undees.

    So our most recent jaunt to Jamaica was glorious. In spite of the weather or any other minor interruptions that may have occurred. It’s all about attitude. Sometimes you have to change it more often than you do your underwear, just to make it through one day.

    Our long time friends at the resort, the more than familiar surroundings, food, drink, music, laughter and love. Just some of the reasons that make going home such a pleasure.

    Speaking of change. They started having entertainment people come over to TI to play some games. Trivia, Taboo and others. Just like they have been doing at SSB for some time. It was fun. Mostly just the people around the pool area played, but that was just fine.
    The only other “change” I can think of is that the Saturday Night Gala is now back around the old pool. Looks beautiful. It had been out on the front lawn for a while, but the lawn was taking a beating.
    If there were any other “changes”, I didn’t notice them. I was to busy having fun.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff. Lighten up. Life is way to short. While you are there, really be there. Leave your electronic stuff in the room. Don’t come to the beach with it so that you can text someone far away. Hold your partner’s hand. Look into their eyes. Make some human contact. There is so much more to take in and then take home.

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    Default are a Master of words! You always hit the nail on the head!!
    So glad you and Syl had another wonderful time in paradise! Let the next countdown begin!
    Thanks for your very wise insight once again.

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    "Don’t sweat the small stuff. Lighten up. Life is way to short. While you are there, really be there. Leave your electronic stuff in the room. Don’t come to the beach with it so that you can text someone far away. Hold your partner’s hand. Look into their eyes. Make some human contact. There is so much more to take in and then take home."

    Very well stated Crabracer! Some people forget what Couples is all about!!

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    Love your post Crabracer- I have learned on vacations to have low expectations- and I often end up pleasantly surprised by all the good things that come.....I expect there to be snafu's, shrug...just roll with it with your honey :wink wink: chuckle.

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    Love to read your posts Crabracer - you always put everything into perspective and good news (for my wife's heels!) about the Saturday Night Gala being back around the pool!

    Mad about tennis

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    We were just at CTI from Nov 23-30. It was our first time and we thought everything was just beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, etc. We did not want to leave and hope to go back one day. I don't know about any of the changes since it was our first time, but I think change is good and it is good to try new things! We loved the Bayside Thai food, but if they decided to change it to something else that would not hinder us from going back, rather to go and try the new things out! Ya mon! Also we loved the Saturday Gala night around the pool! It was so pretty! I also agree with the technology stuff! I couldn't believe that people were sitting on the beach looking down at their phones and lap tops rather than the beauty that was right in front of them! Oh well that is a loss for them! I enjoyed every second and left my phone in the room!

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    I guess it all comes down to personal choices. People travel to different places for lots of different reasons. Some want to remain at the resort and just enjoy what there is there. Others want to get out and see the people and the country from a totally different angle. I believe that there is something for just about everyone.

    I'm very happy that you enjoyed your first stay. I hope that you are able to get back and enjoy it all over again. It never gets old. It doesn't get boring. It just keeps getting better each time.

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