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    FYI, we were in a BFVS (two of them, actually) this past week, and both had the remodeled bathroom with the new shower. Ours looked exactly like the pictures shown above. We were in 3217 and then 3117 (we moved because we prefer the first floor location).

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    Thanks so much for posting the photos! Too bad they are having some issues with design. Hopefully this will be taken care of. I was under the impression the rooms were getting a remodel/refresh as well, beyond just things like lampshade replacement. Was I wrong about that? Like the bathrooms, they can use an update.

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    We stayed in our exact same room this year as last year. Things that I noticed that were different other than the bathroom were the lampshades, the outdoor cushions, the curtain (now a light blue) in front of the french doors and the light blue coverlet on the bed.

    The A/C may be new as there was not the same issue that we had last year with ice dropping on the shelving unit and the A/C freezing up.

    I do not know if the mattress has changed or not. I did have a little trouble sleeping but that may just be me at this stage in my life. I felt the mattress was not quite as comfortable as it was last year.

    I really couldn't tell any other changes. The room may have been painted but it looked the same as it did last year. The shelving units are still the same. Virtually everything else looked the same to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laharlson View Post
    IA Couple,

    Since you don't have pics of the new CSA bathrooms, can you confirm if they look similar to the photos in this thread of the CN renovations?

    I'm curious if the glass *door* and the drain look to be the same. I think pic 1 and pic 2 show those features.

    Many thanks…Hubby and I are trying to come up with something prior to arrival that might help alleviate the potential problem in our OVS.
    Yes, the remodels look EXACTLY like that. Really pretty, but they do not drain well at all.

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