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    So I know CN and CSA is on the west side of JA and so the sunset is great...what about CTI- being north side- how's the sunset form the balcony of the rooms......which couple resort has the best sunset?

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    Sunset beach at San Souci has great sunsets.

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    No sunset at CTI unless you're on the back side of the building. The building actually faces north east.
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    The sunsets at CTI are still beautiful. They are just off to your left if you are facing the water. Here is a picture I took from the dock. The other picture I took when one of the fabulous employees at CTI saw us on the dock taking picuters and offered to take us out on the boat for a better view. I just cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff at CTI! Name:  sunset.jpg
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    I know the sunsets at CSS are beautiful and Css is on the same saide as CTI.
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    We have been to CTI and CSA. We go to CSA to sit on the beach and watch the sunsets. You can also sit on the verandahs at CSA and see the sunsets. At CTI the sun sets behind the resort.

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    CN in June for the best sunsets. Drops right into the center of Bloody Bay. CTI has sunrises.

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    We double fisted our drinks and just floated in the ocean and watched the sunset at CSA a few evenings, it doesn't get much better then that in my opinion!

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    CTI sunsets are best viewed from the catamaran cruise. Otherwise they're difficult to see as the resort faces north.

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