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    Does anyone know if they have tennis racquets to use at CN? If so is there a time limit of how many days you can keep them? Thanks for the info.

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    They have racquets and I think most people just return them after use. My nephew played everyday, used the racquets they had and never kept it in his room. Just grabbed one when he went to play.

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    The racquets are kept in the spa. You just ask for them when you want to use them and return them when done. Not great but serviceable.

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    Hopefully you get to meet Devon, the tennis pro too. He is a gem they have. We always take our own racquets and love to play by ourselves but always catch up with Devon at least a few times, if for no other reason, just to say HI!

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    Thanks for the info. We actually bring our racquets but this year friends that are going with us want to take lessons. I will make sure they meet up with Devon. Thanks again!

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