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    Default Can anyone tell me what liquor is served at CSS?

    I'm Looking to see if they serve Captain Morgan and whatelse they have. Also what beers they have?

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    Appleton estate rum is featured in Jamaica as it's made there so not sure if they have cm. They have most liquor that you find in the states. Red Stripe for beer .

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    If I recall from CN (assume CSS is similar), they do not have CM but do have a spiced rum that is good. They do have a wide variety of choices. Be sure to sample some of their menu items.

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    Make sure to ask for VX, a blend of 5 and 10 year old rum. Available at most bars.

    Check for Reserve, an 8 year old, at the Martini Bar or maybe even the 12 year old. So good.

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    Is Red Stripe the only beer option? I like Red Stripe, but I like others as well...

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    They used to serve carib, but did not when we were at Css in march. You can get red stripe in a bottle, or red stripe on tap.
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    There's also Heineken and Guinness in the bottle at the Balloon Bar in the afternoon and evenings.

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