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    Default CTI Activities Questions

    Hello, I am wondering a few things on the activities at CTI.
    1. Is Dunn's Falls All Day -( Did not see a return time)?
    2. I see some had times listed as 10 - 4 pm - example Jewelry making.. Is this how long you are there for or is this the time its available and you come and go during those times?
    3. What is the Couples Knot?

    Thank you

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    We have been there twice, but from CSA. The actual falls part only takes an hour or so. If you left CTI for Dunn's River Falls, chances are good that you would be back on the resort by noon, maybe 1 PM at the latest.

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    Great. Thank you, I was trying to figure out which day to do the falls so that helps. We are looking forward to it.

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    We visited Tower Isle last week and did Dunn's River Falls. We left the resort at 10:30 and were back at the resort by 12:30pm, just in time for lunch. This excursion is a must do. We had a great time, just and FYI, if you plan on walking up the falls you must have water shoes. The bus will stop at a store on the side of the road just before Dunn's River Fall's for anyone that doesn't have the shoes. The shoes cost us $12.00 each. Another couple bought the shoes at the resort and they paid $17.00 each. Enjoy

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    Thank you Toesinthesandgirl We have water shoes for the beach and Kayaking here at home that have really good support. I hope the weather was nice for your trip and continues for ours.. 8 days til we leave but who is counting Hope the water is a nice temp also.

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    There is a message board on the patio next to the steps leading to the Rooftop Matini Bar and the indoor dining areas. On the board they will list the various activities, times & locations. Have a great time! Do the orientation. It is short but they give you a nice "little" tour of the property & great information.

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    If you're going to do Dunn's River Falls - check with guest services at CTI about when the cruise ships pull into Ocho. When we were at CTI it was Wednesdays so we went to the Falls on Tuesday and there were very short lines. We hear the lines get quite long when the cruise ships are in port.
    Other activity recommendations... snorkeling tour. The Cat cruise! And of course the Island - try this early in your stay - lots of couples wait until the last day or two of their stay to try the island and find out they loved it.
    Have a great time at CTI - the staff are amazing.

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