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    Default CSA Construction Question

    Where exactly is the construction going on. I have read "the buildings next to the great house" but are we talking garden verandah rooms or beachfront?

    Are all of those rooms getting remodeled or just certain ones that need repair? We usually stay in the garden verandah rooms as close to the great house as possible and it sounds like they may be the ones under construction. Our trip is in May so surely they will finish in time.

    What updates have they done to the rooms? If I'm not mistaken all of those rooms are less than 10 years old anyway.
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    Bathrooms are getting updated.. They are nice, but have some serious design flaws. The entire bathroom floods when you take a shower. Not sure they really understand the concept of sloping tile floors here.

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    so they have pulled the tubs in the veranda rooms?
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    So all of the verandah rooms get them? When is this supposed to be done?

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    We leave for CSA 12/7 and are staying in a GVS for the first time (we usually do BFVS). Are we going to notice the construction? Is it disruptive? I thought I read some other threads saying that the construction is minimally invasive but I just wanted to see if anyone who has recently returned had any thoughts. 4 days to go!!!

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    If the only construction is in the bathrooms you shouldn't notice at all. Those rooms will just be closed for a few weeks Id imagine. I'd hope they would do a building at a time to minimize the impact.

    My travel agent said that all construction is scheduled to be complete by next week. Hope so. Maybe then we can see what they look like. I can't believe all the people who have seen them haven't posted a picture yet.

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    We were in a GVS on the older side but the bathroom had been totally redone. We had no issues whatsoever with flooding. Id think by now most of the building renovations would be winding down. And unless you stayed in your room all day, youd probably not notice anything was being done. In Sept they were working on both GVS and block of rooms at a time

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    Okay great thank you for the responses! I'll take pictures and post them when we return so everyone can see the progress. There's very little that could disrupt this trip for us...we've been waiting a year and a half to travel! Now just 3 sleeps and a plane ride!!!!

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    Was there 11/16-23 and did not hear a thing walking by that area. Saw a block that looked like they were all getting done at the same time. Nobody complained, and everybody happy!

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    We are here now in a BFVS, new bathrooms. Have not hear any construction from any rooms, and we have been all over the resort. I would not worry.

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    Does anyone know what construction they have planned for this MAY? On some of the TripAdvisor reviews David Ebanks responds with "undergoing some renovations which will recommence in May of 2014".

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    Quote Originally Posted by amywags View Post
    Does anyone know what construction they have planned for this MAY? On some of the TripAdvisor reviews David Ebanks responds with "undergoing some renovations which will recommence in May of 2014".
    I'm very curious about this as well. We'll be there May 1st, cant wait!

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    Nov 2013 we stayed in building 12 OVS first floor and they were working on the GVS directly behind us and next to the main building. We were usually up and out at 7 and never went back to the room until after the sun went down so there was no distractions. If your going to hang out in your room all day, just request a building away from the remodeling.

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