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    Default Brief review (part 3).........5 star time at a 4 star resort!

    Got back from a wonderful 7 day stay at CSA.

    Would really like to write a nice in length follow up to "Part two with humor" in the next week or so. I saw someone wrote a bad review in TripAdvisor and would love to go off on it but for now I'd have to say our ocean front room was great, it was mold free, AC worked tippy top, had lots of hot water, the ants came when my wife spilled some tonic water, but we wiped it down and they never came back. We eat chicken and shrimp, so if I digest an ant its no big deal right?

    our room was great and enjoyed the shutter/screen combonation.

    In short its a solid 4 star resort that is full of mature foliage and a wonderful feel to it. We had great weather. Food was very very good and the service at the bar was just fine.

    We had a 5 star time!!!!!! That equates to value!

    If you need air conditioning in you life at great amounts don't go to CSA. If you like to lounge by the pool, don't go. There are resorts with great pools. I loved the swim up bar BTW, it kept the party crowd in one spot away from us. Hate to sound like a snob, but it was what it was. Nice people having a good time in a different manner. No problem as it did not step on my toes!!

    The only buffett we experienced was at breakfast. One can go the whole time without a buffet experience. we loved the grill and sea grapes for lunch. We liked Patois for ala cart service and its very pretty at night. I liked the buffett for breakfast and try some new things.

    Truely I don't know how anyone can go there and hate this place. The patina is suppose to make the place look older!!! The beach is the star attraction! A little reading ahead of time would make most people more educated about what they will experience! Its a very laid back kind of place that puts you more intune with the natural soundings at a price point that is reasonable. Sure I'd like my own hut in the middle of now where and a more exclusive experience at the same time. It exists, but not at this price point.

    I lost a pound in 7 days! Two hours of tennis daily helped and I drank pretty much all day but food wise we about ate 4 meals a day but not big heavy meals. We ate till we were satisfied, not to get our moneys worth!!!

    "Price is only an issue in the absense of quality!!" This place is a very good value for the money because we had a great experience!!!

    "You always take the weather with you" Negative people will see things as such. Its not that we look to justify our decision to visit this resort because my wife and I have a great time together so even if the resort did not live up to expectations we'd have a good time.

    "Never say never" We never visit the same place twice!!! Too many experiences out there to be had. Been to CN, CSA once each (been to Grand Lido 20 years ago, and Beaches 11 years ago. I'll consider returning with a group next year. We are going away with a group of 8 next year and they are interested in CSA. If just me and wife, we'll consider somewhere else. I've been to 21 countries on vacations and this is our 4th time to Jamaica/Negril. Its a strong an endorsement as I can make for couples and Negril but I will not be a mulitple repeater.

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    That's ok, that means more room for us

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    That's ok, that means more room for us
    Well, thats a good spin on it!!!!

    I hope nobody took it as a negative. The fact that we "finally" got to CSA was due to the fact we kept the vow. If we settled on one of our other experiences and not moved "forward" then I never would have gotten to CSA. Been to negril 4 times, so maybe time to move to ocho rios and try another couples resort?

    I know some folks that go back to Aruba over and over and love it! Same for some places in Mexico They have that special connection to a hotel because they had a magical time and continue to do so.

    There are no rules to this!!! Next trip is Park City in Utah for a week of skiing in February. After that, Who knows?

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