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    Default Baseball,football,what ever hats.

    Please, we are just back from a wonderful stay at CN.

    Please have a little class and do not wear your hats to dinner. Your girlfriends or wives are all dressed up nice and you show up with a hat on your head.


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    Agreed, a man should never wear a hat indoors, disrespectful to the establishment you entered.

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    What if it's the girlfriend or wife that's wearing the hat?

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    I think a lot of guys just don't know that it is considered bad etiquette to wear a hat inside a restaurant, theater, etc. We recently went with my 23 year old stepson to a live theater performance, and I was surprised that I had to tell him to remove his baseball cap. He had no idea that it is considered bad etiquette (and of course pointed out others who had their caps on). Luckily for all involved, he did remove his cap gracefully without me having to remove it for him.

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    My husband wears a baseball cap all the time to protect his beautiful bald head. BUT he is appalled at the number of men who insist on wearing hats to meals. His Mom taught him what's appropriate! Thanks, Marie!

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    Gotta support the team!


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    I think a woman in a fashionable hat, particularly a fascinator makes an elegant statement, however shouldn't be worn at dinner. I'm a big fan of women in hats, not necessarily ball caps/cowboy hats, just my humble opinion.

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    THANK YOU!!! Support your team outdoors. It's just plain rude unless you're in a sports bar. Cowboy hats included...this ain't Texas! Actually, hats off at dinner there, too...they have manners.

    Also please leave your tank tops, grungy shorts and bathing suits in the room for dinner. No, I don't mean come to dinner naked. .

    There are restaurant rules. Please don't be rude to your server or the hostess at lunch when they ask you to go out shoes on, or a shirt on, at breakfast or lunch. If this is how you want to dine, go to the Beach grill or Seagrapes.

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