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    There are no concrete jungles. No blaring car horns, no lumbering busses, no throngs of people, no neat little neighborhoods with their own patch of green. No real sights or sounds of anything that we are familiar with on a daily basis. Phone, work, shopping, kids, meetings, schedules, #@$*+##@&. The list is virtually endless. All of those neurons in your head, making the right connections at lightning speed, so that you recognize and understand everything going on around you. Your normal everyday environment. You live every day at hyper speed. Always having to make it better than yesterday.

    However, when you are “there”, and by now I’m sure you know that “there” is my euphemism for your favorite Couples resort, when you are there, you hardly hear or see anything that looks the least bit familiar to your back home average day.

    I think that one of the first things that I notice, is the quiet that exists at each resort. Not that you don’t hear people talking and laughing, of course you do. But the kind of quiet you could find deep in the woods, or being inside of Notre Dame. A stillness. All signs of your world back home are out of sight and out of your mind.
    This kind of quiet doesn’t work back home. That’s because there are too many distractions. The buzz is everywhere. I sometimes wonder how we even put up with it all.

    I love the pace that prevails at CTI. Isolated in a small cove. Intimate. Warm and inviting. There is a rhythm to everything around us. It doesn’t require an alarm clock every morning or any reminders throughout the long day and night. The moments move from one to the next, over and over again. Day after day. The sun, the tides, the birds in the morning and the frogs at night. It is something that one can depend on.
    Being “there” allows one to be relaxed. Not just for an hour or two, but relaxed in a way that we can seldom achieve back home.
    For instance, the morning routine. In the real world, you’re on the clock as soon as the alarm goes off. Now your late already, skip breakfast, grab something later. You have to worry about the traffic, finding a parking space, elevator broken, walk up ten flights. Schedules, coffee break, lunch break, more traffic. I’m exhausted already.

    The morning routine “there”. First thing, there is no “routine”. Every morning is different. I may sleep ten extra minutes one day and miss the birds that nest in the trees near Bayside, leave for their daily activities. I may want to sit quietly on the patio and watch the still calm waters of the Caribbean ocean while the giant sun rises slowly in the East.
    Or perhaps an early walk and a swim. There is no rush, no place I have to be at a certain time. Leisurely. Relaxed. We become part of the rhythm that prevails. In sync with nature and in sync with ourselves. Peaceful. Restful. And totally stress free. Now that’s the way to begin a new day.

    You have to admit that with a beginning like that, you know that the rest of the day is going to be just spectacular. And it will be. Day after glorious day. Immersed in the rhythm. In tune with every note as they all blend together in a colossal, carefully orchestrated, magnificent symphony of ultimate grandeur. Delectable and delicious.

    Long leisurely hours spent lounging on the beach. Enjoying the warm Caribbean waters. The two of you alone. Together. No kids, no phone, no interruptions, no kidding. Unusual I know. That stuff only happens in the movies. But at a Couples retreat, that exists every day that you are there. Just the two of you. The way it all started. Two people who fell in love. What better place to be.
    Evenings spent outdoors. A full moon overhead and velvet black sky fillled with sparkling twinkling diamonds. A whisper of a cool breeze caresses your cheek. A night unlike anything you have ever known. But one that is repeated for as long as you remain.

    So for all the days that anyone has left before the shine shines again, all we have is anticipation, wonderment, excitement and the knowledge that after all the planning and time, after exhausting months of waiting, after everything, you can rest assured that your time in paradise will always be everything you always love.

    And on that pleasant note, I’m going to sit back for a moment, close my eyes and contemplate some luxurious moment that I have emblazoned in my heart and soul. It’s as close as I can get right now. But I’m counting. I’m always counting. It’s a rhythm I enjoy.

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    Beautiful words Crabracer......well said! You are "spot" on!

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