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    Default Couples Negril in January

    We are eagerly returning to CN in January 2014. Just 7 weeks away!! Would like to know if anyone has been to CN in January before and how crowded it is. We've always went in October in the past and never had to reserve a chair or hammock. It didn't seem that it was a case of low numbers of people, just that there was adequate numbers of chairs for the resort. I know Jan. is considered part of "peak" season and was just concerned about how crowded it may me. Thanks in advance for any replies!

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    Our first couple trips to CN were in January. Was not that bad but far more crowded than November. The Airport was a mess on January weekends.

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    Hi elvistcb,
    We were there last January and never had a problem.
    Will be returning in January next year.

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    Thank you sunshineseekers and drbcwp. That's good to know. We're actually flying in on a Monday, so hopefully that will be better than a weekend flight. Happy Travels!!

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    This will be our 4th year returning to CN in January (14th-24th) and even and full capacity; you can't tell with this resort. There is plenty of chairs on the beach and by the pool and the service is excellent!

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    Thanks so much for your reply. We're really excited. We'll be there that same week! (13th-20th) Jealous that we're only staying 7 nights compared to your 10 nights. That would be amazing but we can't be gone that long.

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    This will also be our 4th trip to CN...third in January and we have NEVER had any problem with chairs on the beach or by the pool. In fact that is one thing we always tell people as a selling point NO CHAIR GAME!!!
    Holly Irvin

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    Fantastic. We were hesitant to book for Jan. originally, but that was the only time we could carve out. Great news, can't wait to get there. Only 6 weeks left!!

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    Let the countdown begin! Our first year we went 7 night; and after that we decided to take less "mini" vacations in the US thru the year and stay longer in Negril. We can't wait to be back!

    Ashley & Terry

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    Quote Originally Posted by faucet View Post
    the mountain is too steep

    for my thin horse to climb.
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