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    This year we are flying into Montego Bay a day early and will be staying at a hotel in Negril one night prior to check in at CN. I am assuming that we need to take care of our own transportation from the airport to Negril???

    - Will Couples pick us up from our hotel in Negril on our day of check in?
    - Does anyone have a driver or tip for our own transportation. Thanks


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    I'm pretty sure they just shuttle from the airport and between other couples resorts. I know a driver if you need one.

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    Have to admit we've never done this. Couples covers transport from airport to resort. My guess is that they don't cover from another resort b/c this would be an extra trip for the driver. I would check with CN to be sure.

    I would also call CN re transport. I believe they have "limo"/car services -- not sure if this includes from another property in Negril.

    Kind of wonder why you didn't stay the night at CN . . .

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    Good question - We usually take a day during our stay to go downtown Negril to jump off the cliffs, do some shopping, eat at some local restaurants ext….
    In past years we spend the entire day away from CN and feel like we are rushing to try and get back. This way we can check it off our list right away while also being able to enjoy a night on the cliffs.

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