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    Default CSA Dive Shop and Atrium Q's

    Hiya- Can any of you lovely folks help me with a couple of questions?

    Does anyone know if the Dive Shop at CSA accepts a PADI ecard to prove your certification or do you need to have the plastic c-card? We're leaving soon and I've misplaced my card and log book. Hoping it will turn up but wondering about my options if not I have dived before at CSA but it's been a couple of years since we've been there. I know I will need to do a check-out dive, but would prefer not to redo the whole certification!

    I've seen several mentions of people who have booked Atrium rooms and don't have a hammock on the balcony. Is this common? Have they reclassified some hammock-less rooms or removed these from balconies? It's a small thing, I know, and will hardly ruin our vacation, but reading in the hammock is one of the things we most look forward to, so I would like to know ahead of time rather than be disappointed when we arrive.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    The dive shop is pretty flexible, but you will need something to prove your certification. PADI lets you go to their web site and request a new c-card; if they don't yet have a receipt option, just print the screen that shows your current certifications. You're card should also work. That should do it. No logbook, depending on who checks you in at the shop sometimes I've seen the checkout waived and sometimes not. But if you haven't dived in quite awhile the checkout is probably a good thing anyway.

    When you hear "Atrium rooms without hammocks" these are the smaller upstairs rooms in the same building as Premium Beachfront Suites, the ones with the huge L porch. CSA considers the third room in that building to be an Atrium. Personally being on the beachfront but with a tiny porch wasn't to my liking, so we've ask to be moved when we ended up there again. It made a bit more sense when only the beachfront rooms had minibars, but as that's no longer the case (all rooms now do) I'd stick with the hammock.

    Enjoy your trip, we always do.

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    You can look it up there, they have a computer with internet in the dive shop. I got certified last year and had to input my info on the padi website.

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    As far as the atrium suite question, as Micanopy stated, these are only in the beachfront buildings, meaning there are only a few of these rooms. It seems from what I've read that its not too common to get placed in one of these. When I was at CSA in September, I did see a few of these rooms and my boyfriend and I both agreed that we would not want one of those rooms as the patio was TINY and had no shade at all. It also only looked out on the ocean from the side of the patio - totally not worth it.

    If you'd like some more info, you can follow this link where I asked a similar question over the summer and got some great responses and even several pictures!

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    Thanks for the info! I'm totally happy to do the checkout dive (safer for everyone) and I'm glad to hear that the PADI e-card should be OK. Just don't have time to get the plastic one snail mailed! And glad to hear chances are we'll have a hammock.

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