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    When my wife and i were at Sans Souci this March, anything we wanted to purchase was simply charged to our room, and we paid at the end. This included the gift shop and cigars from the jewelry box. However, when i tried to purchase a piece of jewelry from the jewelry box, the gentleman said i could not charge it to my room. I either had to pay cash or put it on my card. I had ran down there while we were waiting for dinner reservations, and ended up having to run back to my room in A block, then back to the store, so i could buy the jewelry, as it was a surprise for my wife. This also means i was not able to use the resort credits for this purchase. This was pretty much the only minor hiccup in an otherwise perfect vacation. My question for anyone that knows the answer is.... Why? Why can the jewelry box charge cigars to your room, but not jewelry?

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