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    Default Night Life at CN and CSA

    How is the night life at these two resorts? .. The club/dancehall, do they play all mix of music from american pop, to dancehall reggae, to R&B/Soul? Can I wander the beach until sunrise if i choose to? (at any couples resort)----what if i want to just lay on the beach til sunrise?
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    CN night life is basically the Piano Bar. A dance party one night, karaoke another night, sing along 4 nights and a jazz fest the other night. Stays open until the last person leaves, but doesn't mean the entertainment continues. That's it for CN other then the scheduled entertainment which is usually over by 10:30. They also have a bon fire one night, and movies on the beach one night.

    Can't speak for CSS so not much help there.

    Couples Swept away has a night club with a DJ that doesn't start till 11pm or so, with a decent mix of music.

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    The night life at both CN and CSS is comparable. Those performing in the evening during "Showtime" play a mix of music. Yes, you can "wander the beach until sunrise"...though the only issue would be dealing with sand fleas. We use bug spray with DEET around our ankles/lower legs to prevent against the little critters. We've been known to lay on a lounger or in a hammock on the beach till all hours of the night without any concerns from the resort staff (at all of the Couples Resorts). In fact, once we came onto SSB at CSS around 11 PM on our last night there and stayed a few hours laying in a hammock listening to the sounds of the ocean. The security guy about jumped out of his skin as we climbed out of the hammock and said "good night" to him in heading back to our room (he'd come on after we got there and didn't know we were there).

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    CSS has nightlift but it's not as "jumping" as some of the other resorts. In fact, if your room is on the beachfront and if it's not a beach party night or gala night it's very quiet. Very romantic though. The bars at the top of the hill, near the hotel lobby, have a band that plays great music.
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