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    Default Dining - Sans Souci

    When I click on the link above for Sans Souci I see that they have 5 restaurants. But when I look for them I only see 3 restaurants. (4 I guess if they are counting in-room dining as a restaurant). Are there actually 5? Are they adding more?

    Is one of the restaurants an Asian restaurant similar to Lychee at CN?

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    Only 3; Cassanova, Palazzina and Bella Vista (which is the Beach Grill during the day and after dinner). Perhaps you're correct in that they're counting in-room dining but that's certainly not a restaurant. Nothing Asian like Lychee at CSS.

    You're welcome!

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    I would guess they are counting bella vista and beach grill as two separate restaurants, and in room dining as the fifth. They have done this with the other resorts as well, if the restaurant "transforms" in the evening into a different dining style.

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    I guess they are also counting the beach grill at SSB

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    Seems a little misleading. Thanks for the info. If I showed up there expecting 5 restaurants I would be unhappy with the info they are putting on the website.
    I hope try how ever many there are in a few months.

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    CN has 4 restaurants listed, there are 4 different locations, with the Beach Grill becoming Heliconia at night, I love them all.

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    We are currently at CSS. There is only 3 here. They are talking about building 1 on the point and 1 on the pond but it's only talk at this point. They are first going to totally remodel all the rooms here first. The sample room is in the works as we speak. Some lucky couple will be in the room over Christmas. They maybe counting the 2 grills opened only for lunch also.

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