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    Default resort property question

    I am so excited! 1 week from today We will be at Couples Swept Away celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary! We were married at S resort, and spent our 2nd Anniversary at another S resort, then our 4th anniversary in Mexico. My question is how close in proximity are the resorts around Swept Away? Are they on top of one another, or is there some pretty ample space between properties? Thanks!

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    North of CSA is Beaches and then there's nothing but public beach. South of CSA there are no large resorts. There a several small ones, but for the most part it's just beach vendors and beautiful sand.
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    While they are next door, they are most definitely not on top of one another. As a matter of fact, you will be hard pressed to even see the other resort from the property. Walking the beach is about the only way to see the others.

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    Swept Away is the last large resort closest to Negril on 7 mile beach. Swept Away has a semi private beach.

    Facing to the ocean, to your right, north, is another large resort, I think it was a Beaches resort. When you look at this resort on Google Maps, it says this resort has been permanently closed. I don't see such a prime ocean front property being closed for long. I bet another company will purchase this property soon and reopen this resort.

    Facing the ocean, to your left, south, is a number of small shops, bars, and smaller private resorts. People from other resorts are allowed to pass through the beach on the resort close to the water. You also have a few private vendors and musicians who will pass through the resort on the beach. However, if they bother the guests security will quickly move them along.

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    Pretty much one after the other with shops and bars mixed in too

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    Last year we walked the beach in front of Beaches. A nice is a family resort so there were lots of families. But you don't see that from CSA, unless you are right at the end of the property. In the other direction are small resorts, and it is a nice 6-7 minute walk to Margarittaville. The last 2 years we have walked there and had lunch and a couple drinks. Always nice to return to CSA.

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    We were at CSA in September and Beaches was open.

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    Check it out on Google maps. Pretty good image.

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    We walked over to Beached for a tour, to see if it was nice enough to bring the family next time. It was a nice resort, and you won't know its even there from CSA, and vice versa when you are there. We didn't even realize we were at the property line until we saw the CSA roofs.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your responses! I'll get to see for myself in 3 more days

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