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    Default Top things to do at CN...Suggestions?

    I saw a similar thread for CSI (I think) and thought it was a great question.

    What are your top 5-10 Favorite activities at CN?

    Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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    if you have a suite spend some time in the hammock just relaxing or some of the public hammocks
    hot tubs "after hours"
    hobbie cats,, with a few red strips
    room service breakfast / coffee,, on balcony in the morning
    laying out on the beach and people watch

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    - talk to the vendors, get to know them, bring them some drinks from your mini bar they will much appreciate it.

    - take an evening to sit in the hot tub around 5-6pm then jump in the pool for a swim. It's so quiet and so refreshing.

    - take a flashlight around at night and seek out the crabs, especially along the boardwalk and bridge by block 6,7

    - in room breakfast on the balcony

    - sit on the swings up in the lobby after dinner with a few drinks
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    Have coffee in the morning on the patio
    spend time in the hammock (we had a suite)
    The Cat Cruise is a must do!
    Chillin on the beach

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    Get a kayak and explore all around the bay. There are neat little coves to go into at the north point. You can really see a lot of fish and coral this way.
    Join the Jamaican Dance class.
    Oh and the Rum Drink Making class!
    Take a yoga class or jump into the pool for water aerobics.
    Or my favorite, try the drink of the day and grab a raft and float in the calm waters of Bloody Bay.

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