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    Default Loud music at the public beach

    We're spending our second Christmas at CN again (23-28th) and also bringing our best friends with us this time.
    Can't wait!

    Anyway, last year there were a few late night parties with some loud, and I mean LOUD, ragga music and a MC.
    We were in the building farthest away but with the echo effect, it just bounced off the other buildings in the court yard and made it sound like it was right outside.
    The parties usually started around 9 or 10 and continued until about 2AM.
    I asked one of the staff about it and they said that it was from the public part of the beach down near the Office of Nature.
    Usually I don't care about loud music.
    Heck, I spent the better part of the 90's and early 2000's as a Jungle / Drum and Bass DJ at raves and clubs so I'm down with a lot of heavy bass.
    I even wanted to go check it out the first night, but the security guard said it was more of a locals thing and we probably shouldn't go there that late at night.
    So the first night I sat on our balcony with a few drinks and fired up the DJ program on my tablet and had fun mixing along with it.

    It was after the 2nd or 3rd night that I started to get annoyed.

    I totally understand, it is at the public beach and we are guests in their home, but it really kind of sucked some of the ambiance out of the evenings when all we wanted to do was sit on the beach and hear the waves and look at the stars.

    Does anyone know if this is still happening or if it was just for the holidays?

    Man, now that I read that back it seems like I'm being whiny.
    I just wanted to be prepared this time and let our first timer friends know as well.
    If I could bring my records and get a spot on the decks I probably would LOL.

    On a side note:
    We didn't go into the club at CN the first time we were there but I was wondering what type of setup they have?
    I've DJ'd for close to 20yrs now and I'd love to mess around on the 1's and 2's some time.

    Thanks, sooooo can't wait to be there again.

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    In 5 trips to CN, 4 in February and 1 just 2 weeks ago, we have never heard any loud music at night from that direction, or any other for that matter. Maybe it was just a Holiday thing. The Piano Bar does not have a DJ but maybe 1 night or 2. They have Karaoke 1 night and sing along to Paul Tucker playing the Piano 4 nights. It is a small system that's all I can tell you.

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    We heard it one night while at CSA last March. It was SO LOUD we called the front desk! It sounded like it was coming from next door..... hard to believe how far sound can travel. It went on until almost 4:00 AM. Thankfully, that was the only night it happened during our stay.
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Didn't hear it last year at Christmas ... Maybe because we were in building 8 but the year before at Christmas, when we were in building 4, Riu or someplace down that direction had some LOUD music on one night .... We thought it was maybe Riu's beach party night. We spend 8 nights leaving on the 26th when there for Christmas. Have never heard it before when there at other times of the year so it maybe is just a holiday thing?????

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    Jan, we were at Swept Away end of March and the first week in April last year and had the exact same experience. Unreal how loud. It actually drowned out the tree frogs!!! We had brought ear plugs, and they helped, but not totally. We usually go around the same time, and have never heard it before. I'm hoping we don't have the same thing this year.

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    On our 2nd trip to CSA we heard loud music on one night. Like others have said, it is surprising how much the noise can carry down the beach. It sounded like it was right outside our window. It was early March. We assume this was a Spring Break event happening at the Public Beach. Big name Hip Hop stars. As others said, it went on until about 4AM.

    There wasn't anything Couples could do as this wasn't happening on the resort. I'm sure the other resorts in the area were not happy either.

    After that, we avoid Spring Break dates in Jamaica. We try to go in February which is before the colleges begin Spring Break.

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    Forget about going in August! We were there for Jamaica's Independence Day weekend (Aug. 6th). Every night at CSA we heard the low bass tones booming down the beach until 3AM. We came home exhausted from lack of sleep. Won't choose that week again...ever!

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    We just got back and had a wonderful Christmas at CN.
    We only heard the music this time on Boxing Day and it wasn't nearly as loud as last time.
    One of the staff pointed out that the party was actually way down on the other side of the point, so I can only imagine how loud it might have been for those resorts over there.
    The resort beach dance party got moved to the Terrace due to the weather but I did get a chance to talk with the DJ and I gotta say I was impressed in terms of the gear he was using.
    He had Serato loaded on his Mac and was using a Pioneer DDJ-SX which I gotta say is pretty swanky.
    I'm definitely bringing the laptop next time.

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    We arrived at CN on the 14th of December, a Saturday, that night we heard very loud music, I thought since it was so loud it was coming from the Riu, but sound travels, so maybe it was the public beach. But, that was the only night we heard it. Was it loud, yes, but eventally we fell asleep.

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    We were at CSA for the celebration of their 50 emancipation and the Appleton rum party, it all fell on the same weekend. It was crazy in negril!!!

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