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    hi, can anyone help me with regards to couples negril and couples swept away. i cant decide between either resort as they both seem to tick the boxes but for different reasons

    couples Negril seems to have nicer rooms and the beach looks lovely. the downside seems to be that the beach is public and is therefore very crowded

    couples san souci seems to have lovely surroundings and looks a lot more uncrowded but the beach doesnt look half as nice and the rooms look like dated.

    i really wanted somewhere that is relaxing, romantic, uncrowded but has the lovely beach and nice rooms. any ideas?


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    I can't speak for San Souci yet, but you won't find CN crowded and the public walking on the beach are no bother at all. The vendors are respectful, keep on the waters edge and will have no impact on your enjoyment. relaxation, or romance with your spouse...
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    We stayed at CSS this last March. The resort was VERY relaxing and romantic. We were at full capacity, and yet not once did it feel crowded. There was always a place open on the beach, always a seat available at the bar. Theroom we stayed in was very nice. We did not see any other rooms, and have never been to negril (yet), but we spent hardly any time in our room, and not once in 10 days did we even THINK of turning on our TV. We got ready for meals, and sleptin our room, thats it (except of course for other night-time/day-time activities that can't be done anywhere else on resort). The beach is nice, but not the same kind of beach you get on the negril side. Bit the views from the rooms are spectacular! I loved waking up every morning to lookout my window, seeing the grounds crew cleaning up the beach, and hearing the waves gently lap against the shore.

    I do know that on the negril side, security does a great job of keeping vendors below the high tide line, wich lessens the issue of it being public.

    In 4 months 30 days 1 hour 44 minutes, we will be landing in MBJ and heading to Negril, so Iwill be able to tell you allabout it then!

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    I'll be at Couples Negril tomorrow (the 21st for 10 days). My research though seemed to indicate that Couples Negril is not crowded at all -- even at full capacity. It has a huge beach and is located on the less crowded Bloody Bay (part of 7 Miles Beach). Less vendors, less people and a huge deep sandy part of beach. You can find high resolution pictures of the beach at Couples Negril here:

    Couples Negril — Beach Album | -- Hotel Reviews and Photos

    and high resolution photos of Couples SS beach here:

    Couples Sans Souci — Beach Album | -- Hotel Reviews and Photos

    My understanding is that while the beach at CSS isn't as nice, the hotel is very amazing .... especially that mineral pool I hear so much about! CSS is in a quiet secluded cove, I believe the beach is private too.

    I don't think you could go wrong with either hotel, but if you are looking for that quintisential Caribbean beach, Couples Negril and/or Couples Swept Away are where you want to be. I do think CSS has a really beautiful location though ... I mean just raw gorgeous.

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    What are you trying to compare? CN and CSS or CN and CSA?

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    The beach is not crowded at Couples Negril. The public area is the tide line, or packed sand. There are plenty of loungers far enough back from the packed sand that you do not notice the traffic much, and even then, there are not that many vendors if that is what you are worried about. The majority of the traffic is people from the other 4 resorts that are on the almost 2 mile long beach. Vendors are not allowed up on the soft sand unless you ask them to stop. The traveling musicians, who will stop, play and put out their tip can, are very entertaining, but unless they are right in front of you, you hardly hear them. I don't think you would find it crowded at all. We go in February, high season, and it never seems like it is crowded then. We have also gone in October, and that is very little difference then going in February. Our sixth trip to CN is in 91 days. Relax and enjoy.

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    We went to CN our first 2 times and CSS the last time. CSS is nice [lots of stairs] but we prefer CN for the beach and resort size. We are returning in 3 days :-) for our 25th wedding anniversary. We hope to visit CSA for a day but for now CN is our Couples home.

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    I can't speak to CSS we have never been there, as for CN my wife and I love it. We will be there for 10 days starting on Nov., 30. This will be our 9th or 10th visit, I've lost count. I don't think the beach is public, the resort is just not as big as the the others. If it means anything we run into many of the people every year and I don't think we have been there once where the "repeaters" did not out number the 1st timers. Last year probably the most, the resort has a capacity of about 500 people and over 300 were repeat visitors. I don't think you go wrong either way, but CN is what we like.

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    We have been to both and CN has much bigger beach, CSS has great Beach front suites and best AN beach, as far as everything else such as staff, food Couples style of treatment both are great do not think you will pick a wrong over right place both are great!

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    Your just going to have to go for 2 weeks and stay at both, lol. What is ment by public beach is that people are allowed to walk the water line not hang out on the beach, it's great for people watching.

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    When we were at Couples Negril in August, the resort was fully booked, but we never felt the resort was crowded. The beach isn't as long at Couples Negril as it is at Swept away, but you also have less people walking past. Couples Negril is smaller than Swept Away, and I feel a bit more intimate. I haven't been over to the CSS/CTI side of the island to give comparisons, but if you are looking for beach, you'll like Negril or Swept away much better.
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    lol you too huh? A thread already exists named "CSS vs CN". It has some good comparisons but I still don't know which one to book.

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    thanks for all the replys, so in essence what are the main differences between CN and CSS?

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    Although we prefer CN, I would have to say the rooms are nicer at CSS. CSS beach does not have the same vibe as CN and you can't beat Bloody Bay for a beach, in my opinion. However, we enjoyed CSS beach too. I would say that if you want a more romantic vacation, go with CSS.

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    OK I've been to css 3times and cn 4times the main differences as I see it are, the beach at cn is superior for most things walking,people watching, the vendors at times are entertaining,and is more active sports wise. css is more relaxed, elegant, tranquil settings. Both have great food, and drinks. And the staff is great at both! There isn;t a bad choice to be made, just go, have fun.

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    we have been to both and prefer CSS. the difference to us were the rooms and the beach. CN's beach is lovely but a lot of people from the resorts on the beach will walk through and my husband apparently wasn't happy about sharing "his" beachfront. lol. The staff at both are amazing as well as the food. The ambiance at CSS is more romantic and the rooms feel more homey. CSS was originally built as condo's whereas CN is more of a resorty feel to it, not that it is bad, just different. I can't even bring myself to go to CTI because we just love our CSS!! whichever calls to, just follow your gut. relax and enjoy!

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    well i plumbed for CSS, 27th february cant wait now

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    We split a stay between CN and CSS in 2010. Here's my video showing the comparisons. Don't take into consideration the weather - it'll be nicer for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beergirl View Post
    We split a stay between CN and CSS in 2010. Here's my video showing the comparisons. Don't take into consideration the weather - it'll be nicer for you!
    I love this video! Been to both CN and CSS. This is the one I watch when I really miss Couples. Safe to say I`ve watched it a few times. Thanx Beergirl.
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    I really loved doing these videos, researching the music and getting the beat down. Thanks!
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