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    Default Randymon- New photo forum, please!

    I completely respect the decision to end the photo contest, but can we have another forum dedicated to guests' photos? I really enjoy looking at everyone's photos & it helps get me through from one visit to the next. Thanks for your consideration.

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    I think a couple of things could work, without the overhead to the board.

    1. In each resort-specific forum, just start a thread for photos.
    2. Snag a Flickr acct and link to it (see sig)

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    I like this idea also. It would be nice to have a thread dedicated to each individual resort too. This way, we will all easily know which resort we are looking at. It would help any new clients easily compare one resort to another when they are torn as to which resort they might book.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I'll second that notion! I certainly can't look at our pic's enough, so I'd would love to see other views and experiences, and the other resorts! We've only been to CSA, and have only been once (May 2013), so there is much to learn and see

    We love you Couples!!!!! And we love the Jamaican people and culture!!!!! Happy people and a happy place!!!! Can't wait for our return---only regret is that it won't be until May 2015...such a long wait (sad face).

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