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    Default When you do split stay

    Hi, does anyone know if you book a split stay at the resorts! Will Couples help and provide transfers between the resorts! Let's say if you do a split in Negril? I know transfers are all ready included from and to the airport!

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    Yes they will provide transportation. We just came back from a split between CTI and CN. Just remember to tip your driver.

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    We're spending Christmas in CS and New Year at CN. Apparently, Couples will provide a private car to take you between resorts - and at a time convenient to you! We though straight after breakfast would be the best option, so that we don't miss a whole day of our holiday.

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    As long as your doing a split stay with another couples resort transportation is included and you don't stop at the airport

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    Yes they will !!!

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    We did a split between, Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril just a couple of weeks ago. We had to have our luggage out of the room by checkout time, which was 11. Then it was our decision when we want to go to the other resort. All we had to do was tell them the time and they made the arrangements. Pretty simple. We stayed at Swept Away till about 2:30, headed over to Negril, and when we got there our room was ready and everything was in place.

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    Oh thanks!

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