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If it's a matter of money savings, then that's up to each individual. But to me, it seems more stressful to figure out what you can bring and what to leave behind, roll everything up and pack them up like a can of sardines, deal with laundry service and purchasing sunscreen and other liquid issues at the resort, and not having the ability to bring back any souvenirs or whatnot. Comparing that to the extra 5-10 minutes it would take to claim your luggage doesn't seem worth it. What will those 5-10 minutes buy you? And extra 5-10 minutes in the Couples lounge. Relax...it's not the amazing race. It's comparable to those people who get upset on the shuttle when someone wants to take a 5-minute bathroom stop and to pick up a couple Red Stripe on the way to the resort. I understand people want to get to the resort, but all that stress and rushing seems so.... anti-Jamaican.

And, on a side note, those carry-on people who throw both their carry-on and personal items in the overhead, forcing others boarding later to check their carry-ons, are being very selfish in my opinion.
I agree. Although we max. our carry on, it isn't the money or the time so much as the fear of loss. Seriously, imagine you get there and don't have anything but the winter clothes you wore all flight. Even the checkers should pack the basics in carry on.
That said, we bring one roller bag that is the proper size for overheads, and one personal bag at our feet. I wish the airlines would get tougher on the SIZE as well as amount of CO per person, instead of penalizing those unlucky enough to board last. It is getting out of hand. Bags that don't fit wheels in - make them check it.