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    Default Dinner Dress -- Shorts and Tshirt ok?

    Is shorts, t shirt and "nice" sandals (like Rockports) ok for dinner at Couples Negril?

    I know that the one fancy reservation restaurant requires closed toe shoe, long pants and collared shirt, so I'm bringing for that. At the other restaurants I was hoping super casual is ok? I really don't want to dress up anymore than I have to, and I really don't want to have to bring resort casual (khakis, collared polos, etc) unless nessecary. Weight is always a concern when flying and packing for 10 days means I'd prefer to pack more shorts and Tshirts than having to make room for dress coded dinner/evening clothes.

    All that aside I dress business casual to work every day. I'd prefer to leave that stuff at home if I can. But I don't want to look out of place either!

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    My husband hates to dress up and we came up with a happy medium. During the day.. breakfast, etc. it's bating suits and TShirts. Dinner is khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts. We travel for eight days and bring carry ons only! It's doable. He looks a little out of place at night in a TShirt but in the Hawaiian shirt looks festive enough! We have worked up a supply of shirts over the years.. you can get some really nice retro at the second hand stores.. and yes on the nice sandals.. not flip flops! You will see some people dressed very nice for dinner.. you can find that middle ground and not stick out too much! Have a ball!!

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    Shorts and t-shirt is fine. Negril is the capital of casual.

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    It depends upon the actual restaurant you will be using.

    Each resort will have one or 2 restaurants that will require both a reservation and have a dress code. You don't need to go too crazy with formal wear, but not too casual either.

    At these restaurants with a dress code I will usually wear some dress pants, a button down short sleeve shirt with a collar, and some dress shoes. For the women they can usually either wear a dress or slacks and blouse. No blue jeans, T shirts, or flip flops for either of you at these higher end restaurants.

    All resorts will usually have one or more restaurants with more casual dress. These are usually a buffet style restaurant. For breakfast and lunch, you can even get away with a swimsuit as long as you wear some sort of cover up and shoes, flip flops included. For dinner at these restaurants you can get away with shorts, T shirt, and sandals. However I will usually wear something with a collar that is light. A t shirt may look a little too casual and you may feel a little out of place.

    Each resort will have something that resembles a snack bar. For these, you can come straight from the beach in your swimwear. These are not always open. They are open during the middle of the day. They are also open most of the night, making it great for a late night snack
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    T-shirts are really inappropriate for dinner. Nice shorts with a collared shirt is more appropriate.
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    Just got back from Negril. Saw a bunch of people wearing shorts and tees to dinner. Especially at the buffet and Helliconia. CN was definitely more casual than CTI in this regard. I say wear what you are comfortable in. As long as it is clean with no holes or rips ect. be comfortable. Our first trip I listened to people that said dinner dress needed to be in collared shirts ect. So I made my husband wear nothing but collared shirts. When we got to the resort all he did was point out all the people wearing more casual clothes. It finally dawned on me that this was OUR vacation. I could care less what others think about what we are wearing. As long as we were clean and not walking around in swim suits who cares what others think. Someone wearing a collared shirt would not ruin my vacation so why should my husband wearing a tee shirt ruin theirs?

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    You will see shorts with a t-shirt some at dinner at CN but it's not really appropriate. Shorts are fine but you really need a polo or button down shirt. They don't weigh or take up any more room in luggage than a t-shirt. During the day, t-shirts & tank tops over your swim trunks are fine for breakfast & lunch.

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    Agreeing with Colordojuli that t-shirt is okay for breakfast/lunch but not for dinner. Tropical or polo shirt is as dressed up as is needed with shorts. You're right on with the "nice" sandals. Unless pants or close-toed shoes are required...they're not needed.

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    Daytime bathing suits and tshirts/cover ups are fine. If your suits are wet,please dry off first. At night Otaheite requires long pants, collared shirts and closed toe shoes. The other restaurants are resort casual, so nice shorts and shirt will do. Preferably with a collar and of course sleeves... Leave the camo at home.... This ain't Duck Dynasty
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    What is great about Couples is that all day long you will be in a bathing suit or shorts. At night, you can wear shorts for dinner if you want except for the one dress up at Oteheite. This place is easy. Some people like to dress up for dinner and some don't. No judgement. All good.

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    I agree with Coloradojuli! Swimsuits and coverups or t-shirts are fine during the day, but at dinner most couples dress nice for dinner. The restaurants are fancied up for dinner time and you are at a very nice resort on vacation so dress nice! I think people look out of place wearing jean shorts and t-shirts when they come to dinner. I usually wear a casual summer dress or capris and a nice top and my husband wears khaki shorts or lightweight linen pants (perfect for Jamaica) and a collared shirt or tropical shirt. If you are worried about space in your suitcase then just bring 4 or 5 shorts/pants and several shirts. I'm sure you can get by with wearing your pants more than once. My husband does!

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    What's so hard about a polo or Tommy Bahama type shirt, I just don't get that? They are very comfy.

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    Once we were dining at Lychee at CN and a couple came in. The wife had on a nice dress and her husband was wearing cargo shorts and a "wifebeater" shirt (HATE that term but that's what some call it), and a baseball cap. Really?! There's a reason it's called an UNDERshirt! Would you show up for any dinner in your boxers or tighty-whiteys? Don't think so. Just dress sensibly guys. You're at a nice resort so dress nicely and leave the really informal stuff at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    T-shirts are really inappropriate for dinner. Nice shorts with a collared shirt is more appropriate.
    I agree completely
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    I think it depends on the tshirt. My hubby takes polos and tropical print shirts. Whatever he wears to dinner, he wears the next day with his swim trunks.

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    Couples is a classy place. The food, service and ambiance are top notch. You are on vacation but you will be eating 5 star food with the one you love. Anyone that has been to Couples knows it is special and deserves better than a t shirt and shorts. After dinner you will likely be going dancing and romancing, dressing nicely only enhances the whole experience.

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    Just check the dress codes on the websites or on the dining guide you are given at check in. Dress how you are comfortable within those guidelines. No problem. If you miscalculate they will politely remind you of the dress code before seating you and you can go change real quick.
    My biggest suggestion for everyone would be to enjoy your meal and don't let yourself be preoccupied with what other people are wearing. If someone does not meet the dress code the staff will politely take care of it so no one on vacation has to get upset over what others wear to dinner.
    All the best-

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    Guys and Ladies........

    The T-shirt and flip flops even in the Palms at CSA looks out of place. Try a little, noting fancy mind you but most folk do put a nice collar shirt on. The dinners are nice and y'all look more out of place than not.

    Most guests make an effort to clean up a bit.

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    I agree bathing suit and and unbuttoned shirt during the day and khakis and collared shirt for dinner. One of things I have always liked about CN is how casual it is during the day and the more elegant ambiance it has in the evening. It almost feels like a different place.

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    Shorts and t-shirt is fine day and for the beach grill or going off resort to a jerk stand. The dinner restaurants offer a fine dining experience (think candle light and steak and seafood). Would you wear shorts and t-shirts to s fine dining establishment at home weather permitting? On the other hand though, nice shorts and a button up short sleeve shirt are fine for the buffet restaruant-and may be OK for the asian restaurant, if they are dressy enough. I have on occasion seen people dressed in shorts and t-shirts, but I think it is really disrespectful to the staff that work hard and take great pride in bringing you fine dining in a romantic atmosphere. Also, I always see the other guests cringing. Bottom line, be comfortable but put in just a little effort if going to a nice restaurant. There are other options for those nights when you don't feel like dressing.

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    Only speaking from CSA here but I'm assuming its pretty much the same at all 4 resorts. I found very inexpensive lightweight polo shirts for dinners for my boyfriend and they worked perfectly. They're like dressy-casual. If he had been wearing a tshirt at dinner not only would I have felt out of place in dresses, but I'd have been embarrassed. Even the most casual restaurants were dressier at dinner and it made it special to see people looking nice after seeing them in basics during the day. I'd tell him to suck it up lol. I never saw anyone wearing a tshirt at dinner and I'm glad I didn't, it would have taken away from the ambiance. Besides, you're only at dinner for 2 hours max, I'm pretty sure anyone can endure a decent shirt for 2 hours a day to look nice with their significant other at dinner.

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    My husband converted to short sleeve tropical type button up shirts years ago for our first Couples trip. Now he loves them, as they're thinner, cooler, more comfy. With a pair of cotton shorts he looks fine, and not under dressed with me in a dress. He keeps the t-shirts and swim shorts for the day time/beach. Nice to switch it up for dinner. You should consider it.

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    Have to agree with the people who have said that a "T-shirt" is inappropriate for dinner. They are fine for breakfast or lunch but at dinner the restaurants are "fancied" up with white table cloths etc. The wait staff also have dressed up from what they wear during the day.

    That being said, we did see people in"T-shirts" and even football uniforms during our last trip to CN but both the wife and I thought it looked tacky.

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    Again just back from CN,,,,,,ladies were nicely dressed.....guy had his bathing suit, t-shirt and a hat.

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    A hat??? Talk about tacky and disrespectful. I know most of the ladies make a great effort to look nice for dinner and it is so awful to see them sitting across from a guy that just couldn't be bothered. It shows a lack of respect for their partner and the staff. Respect is a big deal in Jamaica and the people that look after us at Couples deserve it more than any.

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