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    Default Things you look forward to most on return trip !

    List what you are looking forward to. Mine is at CSA in no particular order:
    Relaxing on the Beach
    Waking up and having Coffee and Fruit on Porch
    Of course seeing all the great staff again
    fish grilled at lunch-awesome
    Repeaters dinner
    Rum Cream
    Glass bottom boat
    Catamaran cruise
    Martini Bar
    Ultimate Piano Bar
    Walking up and down seven mile beach and seeing the real Jamaica
    seeing friends we met at Couples, some from our home town

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    We are also going back to CSA (in December).

    From your list I would only subtract "volleyball," and I would add

    Hobie cat sailing
    Working out in the morning
    Rum Cream (alright it was already on your list, but it's worth another mention)
    The hammocks on the beach
    Evening strolls with the pathways lite up at night
    Hot tubs at the end of the day at the beach
    Meeting new friends

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    My list is similar. We leave for our next trip to CTI in 88 days

    In no particular order

    The Couples Lounge at Sangster
    The Welcome to Montego Bay sign when leaving Sangster
    The view of the island from the lobby on the day of our arrival
    The beach
    The staff
    All of the restaurants
    Catamaran cruise
    Coffee in the morning on the balcony
    My wife and I on the island
    The parrots
    The piano bar
    Martini night on the roof

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    Things we look forward to at CN -

    The Beach
    Food & Drinks
    Seeing all the repeaters we have been with the last 5 years
    Booze Cruise
    Tree frog serenade in the evenings
    Arriving and setting our eyes on the beauty of CN
    Finding out where our room is
    Hot tubbing after dark
    The vendors & other locals on Bloody Bay
    Most of all we enjoy the staff.....9 days! Soon Come!

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    We are going back to CSA in 23 days

    Here is what I would add:

    The "Swept Away" sign in front. You know you have arrived !!!
    Scuba Diving
    Swim up Bar
    Floyd's Pelican Bar
    Sea Grapes
    Repeaters Dinner
    Seeing all those beautiful Jamaican smiles!

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    We leave for CN in 23 days.. Can't wait for...
    Blue Mountain coffee on the verandah in our bathrobes
    The AN beach
    Lunch at the Grill.. Jerk Chicken!
    Ping Pong
    Catamaran cruise
    Heading up to the room for an afternoon nap after baking in the sun
    The smells and sounds of the resort at night
    Dinner at all of the restaurants
    Swinging on the porch swings overlooking the pool
    The frogs singing me goodnight
    Waking up and doing it all over again!!!!!!

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    Looks like I forgot a lot of thing you all thought of. Dido to everything posted. 7days

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    Things we look forward to at CSS -

    Welcome home from the staff
    View from the lobby as soon as you step off the bus
    Tea on the balcony in the morning with the beautiful view from G block
    The stroll to breakfast at Palazzina, stopping along the way to talk with the staff
    Heading to Sunset Beach for the day
    Couples massage in the Hideaway
    Talking to Crackers
    The beauty of the pond
    Did we mention the staff
    Edgar's omelettes
    Repeaters dinner around the pool
    The beauty all around
    Friday night gala
    Beach party
    Listening to the tree frogs from the balcony at night
    All the wonderful food
    The staff

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    For me:

    - Feeling that blast of warm and humid Jamaican air as I walk out of the airport.
    - The drive to Negril. Maybe stopping along the way and visit with the locals.
    - That feeling when you pull up to CSA that you have truly arrived.
    - Getting checked into the room and trying to decide what to do first.
    - That first morning when you walk out onto the beach and take your first look around.
    - That moment when you plunge your head under the warm Caribbean sea for the first time.
    - Walking down the beach and soaking in that Negril vibe...stopping at the little locally owned bars and restaurants.
    - Laying in the hammock on the veranda for an afternoon snooze.
    - That pungent smell of burning creativity.
    - Being disconnected from the world for a week (no tv, no cell phones, no computers, etc)
    - Meeting other people
    - Introducing others to the magic of CSA (we are bring along another couple with us this year)
    - Chasing down hot jerk chicken with an ice cold Red Stripe.
    - Listening to the travelling musicians on the beach.
    - Banana-stuffed french toast for breakfast.
    - Lobster tail for dinner on Saturday night.

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    Seven mile is not real jamaica!

    Its real old timey tourist jamaica, but not "real jamaica".......

    Whats up folks? Learn a few Patois words and have a meat patty and a Ting and we now "our second home Jamaicans"?

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    Just the anticipation of our plane landing and arriving at the Couples lounge is so exciting for me. The bus ride is excruciating too. I too can't wait to experience everything csa has to offer in 145 sle
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    For me, its waking up, smoke a little, then hit the Hobie Cats SOLO, while the morning breeze is still nice...You can get those suckers moving real nice in the morning......Thats how I will be starting off my CSA second home trip Dec 1-7, Wooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Real Simple!!

    Being at Couples in Jamaica........... Nuff Said!!!

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    Getting there the day you arrive early. Rooms not ready yet. Go to the lobby bathroom change into shorts, go too the beach bar and get my first drink say hello to whoever is there and begin the adventure!

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    I can't wait to get to our beachfront room and then off to the beach to relax and spend time with the love of my life. WE have 140 days to go on one trip and 445 on the other.

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    We'll be at CSA the same time as you, Nov 30 - Dec 8, for our fourth trip home. We love arriving, changing in the lobby rest room and hitting the bar at the Palms for our first hummingbirds. Then to Seagrapes for lunch with sweet potato chips/dip and a dip in the water. Of course a hobie cat ride is called for. Hope to see you there...

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    We do the same Steve, I just hope they are serving some fish tacos at Seagrapes, one of the VERY, VERY, and I mean VERY FEW things I dislike about Couples( or wish it was different ) is that Seagrapes does not serve them at all times, they're just that dam good., I feel empty, and a little shaded if I miss out.
    Give me/us a shout out, I'll be that guy in the morning with cashed eyes and brown trunks Sailing( hobie cat) I like to think im sailing my boat out there.

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    To me it's waking up to a nice pot of coffee and pastry and sitting on the patio and taking it all in and realizing every morning this is what paradise feels and looks like!! Having a nice breafast and checking out what the drink special is at the beach bar and knowing you and all your friends will be tipping a few back today!! Just people watching and seeing all the smiles and hand holding and romance this resort and beautiful Country brings out in every couple!! This will be our first time returning to the same resort and we can't wait for CSA in May!!

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    YIKES !!!! You are all making me everyday more and more excited. 10 more days till we are there for the FIRST time !!!!I read this everyday ......................Carol

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