Curious if others feel the same as I do. We go to CSA twice a year, so it's our home away from home.

It baffles me when I see people ask about pizza, fried chicken, hamburgers, Red Bull, PBR or other American beer, and so on!

You're going to a foreign country! Try a Red Stripe! A meat patty! Jerk chicken! Take a few extra steps off resort property and see more of this beautiful island. Talk to the local people! Do you know the man's name you buy the beaded bracelets from? It's Jimmy, and he tells some great stories (and loves a glass of fresh juice). It's a wonderful culture, with amazing food to offer. Ask some of the locals (staff or off property) why they're happy all the time!

Experience as much of Jamaica as possible. Your pizza and hot dogs will still be at the mall she younger back home!