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    Is there a running track at CTI or is it just the fitness room.

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    No running track. Just there a week ago and not much room for running on the property.

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    I haven't been there yet but will be there from nov 20 to dec 4 and am hoping to be able to road run. When will you be there?

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    The resort is not that big for a running track. Just a fitness room. You can always be a little different and swim instead of run. You will find lots of water.

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    No running track at CTI.

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    Looks like they have some nice treadmills in the fitness room. Also, if you are hard core, you can run around the pond at San Souci if you do a trading places for the day. Another option may be stair repeats at CTI.

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    Go in the ocean up to your waist and run along the shoreline.

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    For a good cardio workout try the Spin/Cycle classes offered at CTI.

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