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    Default Lost Original Marriage Certificate

    My wife needs to renew her passport and the forms are asking for an original copy of the marriage certificate. I have a soft copy that i can print out, but i dont think that is going to work. How do we go about getting an original copy of the certificate we signed when we got married at Couples? Does that go to our state?

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    Best bet would be to call the Couples Resort where you got married and talk with the wedding coordinator. They can probably get you the contact info (phone and mailing) for the office in Jamaica that will have your marriage certificate on file. Best advice would be to take the certificate, once you get it, and have it placed on file at your local courthouse. This way you will have a copy on file that can be accessed locally. Good luck!!

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    Hope this helps, found it on the Couples website under FAQ's

    To request a copy of your marriage certificate after you have left Jamaica, please contact:

    The Registrar General Department
    Twickenham Park
    Spanish Town, St. Catherine
    Jamaica, W.I.
    Fax: 876-749-6458
    Telephone: 876-984-3041-5
    Home | Registrar General's Department

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