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    Default Bathroom Renovations CSA - pictures?

    Anyone have pictures of the renovations of the bathrooms in the Ocean Verandah rooms at CSA? We will be staying there Jan 30th til Feb 6th and we were just wondering...

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    Once they do the BFVS we would love to see bathroom pictures as well!

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    Anyone? Randymon what the bathrooms like now in Ocean Verandah at CSA? Did they remove the tubs and make showers? The bathroom was the glaring disappointment of our trip last year. There was a ton of mold and the mirror and fixtures were broken.

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    Is anyone there now in a BFVS that could post a picture? Or if you are going in the next month. We will be there end of January.

    Or..........can CSA post some pics ?

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    The bathroom is pretty much total reno
    Walkin shower, no tub, fully tiled top to bottom, end to end
    Sink is the kind that sits atop the counter
    They were also totally resanding/staining all the wood doors trim etc
    Lighting still not enough
    This was being done to rooms on both old and new sides

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    Quick question for people that have been to CSA recently. With the bathroom renos are they taking out the tubs and putting in showers only now? Is this in all the room categories? BFVS included? This is first i have heard that the tubs were being removed completely Any pics or insight be great!

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    Sounds great. will be a shame if after all the money spent on the remodeling you still have to deal with inadequate lighting! As a last resort...Must I bring a light bulb from home?? This has been an ongoing concern for years...sure wish it had been addressed with the updates and renovations. Please?

    Couples...are you listening?

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    Glad to hear the tubs are gone........they were slippery and we never used them for a bath (only to stand in to take a shower). Can't wait to see the new bathrooms at the end of January. Would really like CSA to post some pics.........please?

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    I personally know that my wife will miss the tub! Can it be confirmed that all the tubs are being taking out?

    I know way back when, looking at Couples, the tub was a deciding factor on CN over CSA. Now it would not be the deal breaker, but it would be a dissapointment to the wife. The tub can be romantic for more then just soaking and shower taking!

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    Look forward to the new bathrooms! Pics would be nice!

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