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    Default Canadians and rum cream

    Seeing some confusing threads about how much is allowed. Does this count towards your 1.14 litres?

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    of course

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    In Canada it does count against the 1.14L limit

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    Yes, unfortunately for us Canadians, rum cream counts towards our duty free allowance.
    We have brought back 1.5 litres each and were not penalized.

    For U.S. residents they don't have to declare rum cream. But then, I can pick up Sangster's rum cream at several liquor stores nearby and in the U.S. it's not available.

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    oh yea it sure does, as it is alcohol based.

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    I would say yes, although I have read otherwise from posters on other forums. From the Government website: ”Alcoholic beverages are products that exceed 0.5% alcohol by volume. You are allowed to import only one of the following amounts of alcohol and alcoholic beverages free of duty and taxes, as part of your personal exemption” Rum Cream is 17% (I checked my bottle) so would fall under the category of 'Alcoholic beverage' for which the allowable amount is 1.14 litres per person. Makes me sad :-(

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    on the other hand, you can bring in all you want ,declare and pay duty. maybe get a sympathetic border guard and he lets you go with no duty…its happened.

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