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    I'm planning my first anniversary trip for next august....I'm getting a hard time deciding between CSA and CN...Which is better for 29-30yr couple..first timers..looking to have a good time? I'm guessing first time at any one will be fun

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    Either one is fine. We first went to CN in 2007, when I was 32 and she was 30. We loved it so much, we have literally been to no other Caribbean destination since. That being said, some really good friends of ours went to a wedding at CSA last year, and that was their best trip they'd ever taken. It's really a toss-up. CN is compact and CSA is spread out, so it takes longer to get around. CSA has one more restaurant, and the sports complex, but CN has a better Pool Bar that is the main social hub of the resort. CSA obviously has more people since its larger with more rooms. CSA is on the Long Bay portion of Seven-Mile Beach with more things to walk to off-resort (approx. 4 1/2 miles) , but also more foot traffic and vendors. CN is on Bloody Bay, which is damn near the calmest waters in all of Jamaica, and there is much less foot traffic, but also less to walk to off-resort (approx. 2 1/4 miles). One thing I hear people often complain about at CSA is the saving of palapas and beach chairs, which is not a problem at CN, but CSA has Seagrape Café, which people rave about. Honestly, having only been to CN, I still can't imagine you going wrong either way.

    Oh, and inthesun has a pretty accurate comparison of the two, which is probably coming shortly

    Either way, Couples is the right choice. You're gonna love it!
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    Here is our thoughts on both properties, we are in our late 30's.

    CN- Gorgeous resort, dramatic entry. Looks like a high end tropical resort, the rooms are Carribbean Hotel style. When at the resort you can see other high rise resorts nearby. The beach is beautiful, waters calm. The pool is huge and the swim up bar is active and large in size. All of the restaurants and bars are in close proximity, the resort has a wide open easy to navigate feel to it.

    CSA- Beautiful plantation style resort, with old school Carribbean charm. CSA has a tucked away, laid back vibe. The rooms are not typical hotel style, they are plantation style tucked away and set apart from each other. The resort is heavily vegatated and part of the charm is the privacy this offers. We could sit on our back porch and be very, very secluded. The resort is huge, spread out. The beach is mammoth and larger and more refined than CN. The sand is a bit whiter and appears more manicured. The restaurants and bars are spaced out, you will not feel on top of the other guests. CSA also has a 10acre fitness facility if that is your thing.

    We have visited both and we think both are amazing, they just have different personalites. We prefer the laid back more intimate style of CSA. We like the added privacy of the vegetation and the plantation style living quarters. We are big beach people and enjoy the larger, more refined beach of CSA. We also really like the fitness offerings at CSA.

    CN has more of a party vibe, the swim bar is more active and the pool is more open to socializing and partying. CN is also convenient for its restaurants that are so close and easy to walk to and from.

    They are can't miss, just depends on what type of trip you prefer. We will return to CSA in May.

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    We've only been to CSA of the two. We chose it for two reasons. First we liked the pictures of the rooms better at CSA. Second, we liked the athletic facilities at CSA. After going to CSA we were very pleased. The beach is absolutely stunning, the food is great and the help wonderful. We also found the walkways lit up after dark were wonderfully romantic.

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    ^^Good comparisons above.

    One other thing, if you are looking for more of a nightlife, know that CSA has the Auro Lounge nightclub, which can be hoppin' on some nights.

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    Nightlife is definitely better at CSA, there is ultimate chocolate and afterwards great music 'in da club'

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    I would add that though CN has more of a party vibe during the day, especially at the swim up bar area and nude beach, nightlife is better at CSA-if you think you'll be up that late. The piano bar is a lot of fun and the dance club gets going after 10. There is no dance club at CN.

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    I really like CN and my wife and I will be back next Aug the first week of. We are mid 30's and there is not really a age group at CN there is a wide range of ages there. I am sure which ever resort you pic if you go with a open mind and know before you leave to head on your trip, that it will be great and couples will do the rest.

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    Thanks guys. Both seem to be so good. Wish I could use some magic and merge the two...decision-decision...Okay I'll do a coin toss

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    CSA found my weak spot,...."call di hotel fi make my reservation for my final destination..."--ohh lawd vacation gon tun up!

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    Ok, both resorts are ALMOST equal, just depend on the individual.
    We honeymooned at CN (24yr & 27yr) and had our 2nd anniversary at CSA. Love them both but are returning to CN for our 5yr in April. These are what we feel the winners are for us.
    BEACH- BOTH. CN for overall "vibe" and ease. CSA has a little edge over for prettiness (although they are both beautiful!) but was a little more crowded and harder to find good spots (went end of April both times).
    FOOD- BOTH. Food at both are amazing and very similar. Liked the buffet better at CSA and the Asian restaurant better at CN. We will really miss Seagrapes at CSA though. Looking forward to fish tacos during our trading places
    ATMOSPHERE- CN. There is just a "vibe" there I can't explain
    POOL- CN. By far!
    STAFF/SERVICE- BOTH. With a little edge to CN. I'm sure there are some staff changes and there were amazing staff at both. Never had a problem at either, just felt a little more "at home" with the staff at CN.
    ROOMS- CN. Both were beautiful but we loved the garden rooms at CN. We like the more authentic "jungle" feel rooms. We don't need any glitz and glam.
    NIGHTLIFE- CSA. I enjoyed the piano bar at both resorts and would have appreciated CSA's nightclub but could never get my husband to stay or dance, so it didn't really matter. Overall I'd say CSA wins. Especially if you are in a group.
    ENTERTAINMENT- BOTH. Pretty equal on that.
    GYM- CSA by far! We don't work out on vacation but went over there to see the facility and were in awe. They have a great smoothie/flavored water bar over there too (I pretended I was being healthy ;-) then went right back to the rum!

    Overall, you can't make a bad choice. Both resorts are great and the right one will "speak" to you I'd definelty sign up for romance rewards and do the trading places.

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    Thanks guys

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    I say CSA! Will be trying CN

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    One of the things we noticed when we were looking for our first trip was that people who went to CN for their first trip tended to like it best. People who went to CSA for their first trip tended to like it best. I think you have chosen wisely.

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    I will tell you how difficult this is.

    After going to Couples Negril for 4 years in a row, we tried Couples Swept Away.

    Now we go to both, Couples Negril in February and Couples Swept Away in October, although this year we went to both of them in October on a split stay.

    The thing we really like the most about Swept Away and why we go back, is the Beachfront Suites. That's it.

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