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    Default Advice for Fair-skinned Couples in December?

    My husband and I are heading to CTI for the first time from Dec. 28th through Jan. 2nd. We are both of Irish descent and fair skinned/prone to burns and freckles, etc.

    I have checked the weather and read other posts, and am uncertain what we should expect in regards to sun protection. Pre-tanning is not something we're really considering...

    Any tips, advice, or recommendations? Thanks in advance!!

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    Bring wide-brim hats and use lots of sunscreen! We are also fair-skinned and were there last January. Everyday we'd do a full-body application in the room before heading out, and we reapplied at least a couple of times throughout the day--sometimes more if we were in and out of the water a lot. Take breaks in thesshade too, and you'll be all right.

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    It is sunny like summer, if you live in North America or Europe. We get very tan and you may burn. You will need SFP 30 and lots of it. Highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s, mostly sunny with a chance of occasional showers. We have been going to Jamaica for most Decembers over the past 13 years. Enjoy!

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    Lots of spf 30+ and hats. Don't forget your feet, ears and noses and reapply often . The hottest time of day is 11-3 I would say so be careful, drink water and have fun. Find some shade once in a while.

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    Jamaica is pretty near the equator. So it really doesn't matter what time of year you go. Take plenty of sun block and use it several times a day. You will absolutely love the beach and the sun, but this is not place to try to start a tan if you are fair. It's not much fun to sit in the sun if you are burned so err on the side of using too much, not too little.

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    Put sun screen of 30 SPF or higher on before you leave your room. Then re apply again after being in water and drying off. Always sit in the shade, if your going to be in the water longer then 30 minutes wear a surf shirt. The only time I be burned is on our vow renewal day, didn't even think of putting sun screen on my shoulders.

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    stay in the shade, keep the lotion on, wear the hats and even consider the microfibre shirts when your swimming. I tan well but really at 52 years old a day in the sun makes me look 5 years older at the end of the day and its a telling sign as to what it does to the skin. My wife looks great for years because she rarely worships the sun.

    Respect the UV that reflects off the water also even in the shade.

    We won't hide from it, but we are not looking for bringing back a "vacation trophy tan" anymore. Was Ireland last summer and I sun block was never a concern!!! Lovely country!

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    Question. We went to CSS one December and we got tons of rain. I noticed one person mentioned a chance of occasional rain. Is it rainy in Ocho Rios that time of year or did we just experience an oddity when we were there.

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    Everyone else has given some great advice. I have some additional advice to add. Lip Balm. Something with as high SPF rating as you can find. Reapply often, just as you would sunscreen. Both of us messed up our lips during one of our trips.

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    Thanks for all the input! We generally use SPF 50-80 (because that's what we have on hand for our kids). I will plan on stocking up and reapplying often!

    Thanks again. =)

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    If you're not willing to consider a "pre-tan", then I would recommend that you lather up as often as possible with the highest SPF sunscreen you can get your hands on and spend as much time in the shade as you can. There is no easier way to ruin a vacation than to get a bad sunburn...and I'm speaking from personal experience.

    The wife and I hit a tanning salon a few weeks before we hit the beach. Having a good base tan helps (but not prevents) you from burning. We still apply sunscreen before we leave the room in the morning and at least hourly while we are in the sun.

    And as softail19 said, don't forget the ears, lips and feet! I burned my lips in Mexico this past March and it hurt like the dickens! Especially when I jumped in the salty ocean.

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    Also, be aware of areas that rarely get sun. If you hit Tower Isle that can be a lot of surface area, but even a bikini exposes stomach and cleavage areas that are paler than faces/arms that see the light of day regularly. Also, Bargamon's mention of reflected light is spot on - who thinks to sunscreen the bottom of their chin?

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    I've burned everywhere and the most recent was the tops of my feet and head OUCH!! Lip balm was a great suggestion, I don't go anywhere without it.

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    We used to be against the whole idea of pre-tanning, or just fake baking in general. Before our last trip, we had a free week each at this place, so we tried it out. We were in Negril for 10 days, brought 4 bottles of sunscreen, and came home with 2 3/4 bottles. It's totally worth it. We decided to try it for our next trip, and I'm only packing 2 bottles. Might be worth considering if you're that fair-skinned. My wife is pretty white, and she didn't burn at all last time, only using sunscreen twice.

    Also, depending on how pale your skin is, spf30 is probably safe, but reapplication is super important. IF you don't want to reapply as much and don't really care about getting much color, you could even go with something higher.
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    Yes, speaking of tops of feet burning, also put sunscreen on the SOLES of your feet if you're lying on your stomach….Really!

    And be sure to drink LOTS of water in between those dirty bananas and hummingbirds….dehydration is a very real thing, and a case of dehydration along with a sunburn are definite vacation buzz kills!

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    Just got back this past Sunday! My husband is part Irish. We went tanning for about a month prior to our trip to create a base. The only day he burned was the last day there. This was only his fault because he chose not to wear sunscreen trying to get more of a tan before we headed home... MEN! Otherwise, the rest of the trip we both wore spf 30-50. Have a great time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Yes, speaking of tops of feet burning, also put sunscreen on the SOLES of your feet if you're lying on your stomach….Really!
    Very good advice. I burn my feet, both sides, very easily. We us spray SPF 50 on our feet.

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    My wife and i both pretanned before we went. We were tanner before our trip than some people are after getting back from trips. We still used spf 30-50 while there, and had noticeably darker tans in the first day. I personally do not go to jamaica just to hide from the sun, so i took both steps to ensure i could stay in the sun as much as possible.

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